Day 10 – How to handle uncertainty

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By Eilat Aviram

How to handle uncertainty

This session is the first of three about managing the Unknown.

Over these next three sessions you will find out how to lean into and handle uncertainty with grace and courage.

Today we talk about how to still function and make decisions when all the markers that you’re used to having around you are shifting, or might shift.

What to do when everything around you is changing?

You will learn why we get so uncomfortable with the unknown – we are actually biologically designed to fear the unknown – and how you can begin to defuse the feeling of fear about not knowing what’s coming.

(Please note that all the videos are the exact recording of a 21-day journey that was streamed live on Facebook. As a result, while the sound is consistently clear and loud, sometimes the quality of visual is not great. It comes and goes. I’m sorry about that. Some of the videos have no visual blurring and others do. Some people find it distracting and others actually find it strangely useful.)

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