There’s a pivotal moment in each decision you make, in which you either turn toward yourself and your own Truth, or you turn away. The direction you turn in that pivotal moment will lead to you feeling great or being frustrated, scared or ashamed.

This book teaches you a powerful, simple method to be able to check in with yourself and your own truth at any point – even in the darkest moments. So that in the times you need help most, you have the guidance and support to make the choice you wish you could make.

This book gives you tools to love yourself more in your work, food, money, body and health, sex and parenting.

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Are you tired of making sure everyone else is okay while who YOU a and what YOU want keeps being pushed aside for ‘later’?

You want to look after yourself but you don’t want people to think you are selfish - and you don’t know how to change this feeling that you are just existing, or surviving, rather than living than your best life…

In this beautiful and powerful book, psychologist Eilat Aviram takes you by the hand and shows you, step-by-step, how to come home to yourself and love yourself more in your choices in your relationships, your thoughts setting healthy boundaries, saying no and self-acceptance.

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About the Author

Eilat Aviram is an internationally sought-after clinical psychologist, best-selling author, speaker, and teacher who has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-four years.

She works with groups, individuals and organisations around the world teaching a simple and powerful method for making good decisions that satisfy both the mind and heart and benefit the greater community.

You can contact Eilat at and find her books and free resources on her website