The life you long for is closer than you realise

When you make your daily choices by listening to your Truth, wonderful things start to happen


Your life purpose is to be you

  • 21 Days to Stop Being Scared of the Unknown

    How on earth are you supposed to deal with lockdowns and this virus and all the changes that are going on in the world?!

    If you could learn how to feel safe and know that you’ll be ok no matter what happens,
    would you want to?

    Join Eilat for a gentle journey.

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  • "This book is a game-changer!"

    Do you feel frustrated by some behavior you just can’t seem to overcome?

    Or do you feel unsatisfied and have the feeling that there should be more to life?

    Your frustration or sense that something’s missing is your Truth trying to contact you.

    Take its call – because the life you long for is much closer than you realize.

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  • Imperfect is just fine! 

    Parts of this site are still being constructed but if I loved myself, I wouldn’t try to be perfect or put pressure on myself to have it all done before I share its treasures with you.

    So please explore and have fun. Apologies if you meet some non-functioning spaces here and there. Your feedback is always welcome.

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Hi I'm Eilat

I'm so glad you've found this site. To me it means you're ready to hear this message:

                You are here to live as yourself.
                  That is your life's purpose.
           Anything else makes no sense at all.

You are the gift you have to give to the world. Just you, as you are – the unique combination of thoughts, behaviours, intentions, hopes, feelings and experiences that is you.

No matter how perfect or imperfect you think you are, it serves you better – serves all of us better – if you listen to your own Truth and allow yourself to simply be you.

This website and book offer a single, easy-to-use tool – and it’s so effective it could solve all your problems. That's because its a question that connects you to your own heart’s Truth and wisdom. Here it is:


It works so well because you're the one who knows everything about your life, your problems and your dreams, so when you ask your own Truth for guidance on what to do next, the answers come from an unsurpassed expert – you.

For over 10 years I've watched this question transform people’s lives for the better. 

Are you ready to follow your Truth to the life of your dreams?

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Offers and Resources

  • Skills to Choose Differently

    Do you know exactly what you want to stop doing but you don't know how to stop? 

    In this process of three, one-hour, online in-person sessions with me, you'll get crystal clear on something you'd like to overcome:

    Find out why you keep doing that thing, what your real need is and how to meet that need so that your unwanted behavior loses it's power over you.

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  • Create the Life You Long For

    Are you ready to feel peace and a sense of purpose in your life?

    During six eye-opening months you'll renovate your life with the support of wonderful people holding your hand and cheering you on the whole way.

    Weekly coaching sessions, tutorials, live online group meetings and daily tasks support you as you start living a life that feels more authentic, purposeful and deeply satisfying to you.

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What These Self-Love Revolutionaries Have To Say

  • I love this book more than I have words for. It is so important and so beautifully articulated, and I am SO thrilled someone in the world has said these things out loud so that other people in the world (like me) can heal themselves.

    Susan Hayden Writer
  • Eilat’s “if I Loved Myself” is not just a book that you will read once and leave on your book shelf along with all your other self-help titles. It is a tool that you will come to use and refer to over and over, as it takes you on a transformation towards your truth and authenticity. As you make your way through the book, it will feel as if your own personal therapist or life coach is walking alongside you, anticipating each step of this new practice. The words flow from the page with a sincerity and understanding of the challenges we face as we start asking the question “if I loved myself, what would I choose to do now”. We’re guided through these challenges with incremental steps that build on each other whilst maintaining the singular focus of TRUTH. This process allows for confidence to be built gradually, rather than asking the reader to take a big fearful step into the scary unknown. Eilat transfers her years of knowledge and wisdom over to the reader in bite size chapters with links to meditations, summaries and exercises to cement this new learning. If you are ready to meet your most authentic self, this book will indeed be your ultimate guide.

    Nas Sydow Founder of Forever Playful
  • “Eilat, the way you write wreathes the reader in love. What I mean is this is not just a theoretical instruction about love, but actually an experience of the thing. And I love your personal sharing. We readers love to get personal with the writer”.

    Adaya Rohloff Physiotherapist and Healer
  • I’m using this tool all day. Last night when I was tempted to have a second plate of food even though I was full, it was ‘If you loved yourself, what would you choose right now?’ And then it helped me from feeling terribly guilty about not attending a school meeting because I was utterly exhausted. What I would choose if I loved myself was to stay at home with my family and eat a plate of nourishing food and be still. So that’s what I did. I had to remind myself a few times before the discomfort went away but it really, really worked :-))

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