If I Loved Myself Practitioners

Each of these wonderful practitioners has completed at least a seven-month intensive training with Eilat Aviram in person. They know how to help you work with the books, and guide you through the ALLOW YOU process. Trust your heart about who to contact to help you love yourself more in your choices and make your life look and feel like you want.

Coaches and Counsellors

Andrea Milwidsky

Integral Coach and California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

I love the process of coaching! It is dynamic and exciting and in my experience can change lives forever. I enjoy working with clients through transformation in all areas of life. I coach towards self love, self compassion, self acceptance - bringing joy and meaning into their lives through finding and living from their essence and their truth. I take clients on a journey of personal growth and integration through the co-creating of goals. This journey is usually a 3 -6 month one. 

I also do short term ‘deep dive’ coaching towards a particular issue /pattern / concern. This is a 3- session process and might be all that is necessary to create a wanted significant shift. I use my 30 years of experience of working with children, teens, individuals, couples, families and teams through myriads of circumstances to inform my current coaching practice. 

I am a current Licensed Marriage and Child Therapist (LMFT) in Los Angeles, California and have also coached for the past 25 years and am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), was a teacher and later a Director of an Early Childhood Center. I am also a grateful mom of a teen and a very happy ceramist.

Based in Los Angeles, USA.  

Languages: English.  

Sessions available online and in person. 

Email: integralcoachandrea@gmail.com / amilwidskytherapist@gmail.com

Website: www.andreamilwidskypsychotherapy.com

Lorraine Berthoud

Co-active Coach for individuals, leaders and teams ( + emotional logic coach and trainer)

I work with leaders, teams and individuals from very various backgrounds.

My view of leadership is that it starts with self-leadership. Whether it be through the If I loved Myself 3-Session Laser Process, or other coaching processes, my aim is to support you in your self- discovery, self-love, and self-empowerment on the way to your Best Self and towards the achievement of your goals and the life you deserve.

I look forward to being a witness of your transformation.

Based in Grancy, Switzerland.  

Languages: English, French, Spanish.  

Sessions available online and in person. 

Email: lorraine.berthoud@grancy-coaching.com

Website: www.grancy-coaching.com

Sisanda Voko-Mabope

Integral Coach

With four years of experience as an integral coach, I blend integral coaching principles with Ubuntu philosophy and self-love methods. Grounded in interconnected growth, my coaching emphasizes personal development's impact on individual and collective well-being. Ubuntu principles guide clients to understand their role in a shared human experience, fostering community and mutual flourishing.

Simultaneously, I employ self-love methodologies, encouraging clients to explore their self-worth. I cherish working
with diverse individuals of all ages, believing in the transformative power of coaching to contribute to both personal
and collective positive change. This approach creates a journey that transcends individual success, fostering a sense of
interconnected thriving.

Based in De Aar (Northern Cape), South Africa. 

Languages: English, Isixhosa, IsiZulu & Afrikaans 

Sessions available online only

Email: Sisanda.voko79@gmail.com

Phone: +27 78 405 2834

Jessica Meezraci

Registered Counsellor

I am a registered counsellor who works with children, adolescents, and adults. I am excited about people realizing their own genius. I love the challenge of creating loving habits by repeatedly making self-loving choices. I know how important support has been for me to unlearn some bad habits and relearn healthy loving ones, so I would love to support others on this journey.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Languages: English 

Sessions available online and in person. 

Email: Jessicameez.counsellor@gmail.com

Camran Luke West

Registered Counsellor and Advanced Student in Brain Gym Kinesiology

I am a Registered Counsellor and I work for Maranatha Community Church. I enjoy working with everyone within the community helping them deal with any issues concerning their lives. I have been trained to deal with trauma. I do however love working with children helping them to learn about themselves and their uniqueness. This often involves their academics, their own understanding and self-esteem. The 'If I loved myself' training promotes the emphasis on self-esteem and being ok with your own choices. My environment has given me the privilege of seeing this need first hand which most children especially teenagers need today.

Based in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

Languages: English.

Sessions available online and in person. 

Email: Counselling@maranatha.org.za

Phone +27 11 972 6535

Anna Gumenna

Personal development coach

I am a certified coach working with adults through individual or group sessions. I use various coaching tools and transformational methods to help structure your uncertain thoughts, highlight your blind spots that keep you in a continuous cycle and find solutions to them.

I will help you feel more whole and grounded and support you during your life-changing journey.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Languages: Ukranian, English, Russian, German, .  

Sessions available online and in person. 

Email: Anna.g.energy@gmail.com  Instagram @annagenergy

Melanie Kiley

Thinking Partner, Executive Coach and Facilitator 

At the heart of everything I do, is a love for igniting best thinking for a better world. I am a Master Practitioner of Whole Brain Thinking® and the HBDI®, a Time to Think™ Facilitator and Coach. 

I work with leaders, teams and organisations and create the conditions for them to think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace. I have over 30 years of experience in working with people to facilitate growth and transformation. I believe in the power of conversation as a catalyst for change and for the creation of new realities and culture transformation within organisations and communities.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English.  

Sessions available online and in person. 



+27 0833751298

Shenaaz Moos

Registered Counsellor

I work with teens and adults who are wanting to live more authentically. I guide and empower them with self awareness, EQ skills and tools to make meaningful and practical changes in their lives. Their journey is one of growth and discovery and I am honoured to a witness to their evolution.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English.  

Sessions available online and in person. 

Website : http://happyconfidentme.co.za/

Email: shenaaz@happyconfidentme.co.za

Phone : 072 781 8136

Psychologists and Psychotherapists

Henri de Wet

Clinical Psychologist

I am a clinical psychologist who works with teenagers, adults, couples and families. My life’s purpose is to make the world a little happier, a little brighter.

I am a healer to the core and I have been this way for as long as I can remember. The reason I chose psychology is because my primary aim is to heal and strengthen the individual. I believe that if we all heal ourselves, the world will take care of itself.

For me there is no greater joy in life than being able to help someone heal their pain, overcome their fears, let go of their anger, love themselves, believe in themselves as well as help them find, and navigate, the path on which they can manifest their dreams and their greatness.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa.  

Languages: English, Afrikaans. 

Sessions In person and online.


Website: www.henridewet.com

Ms Matshidiso Maseko

Educational Psychologist

My interest group is children, youth and families, and individual adults seeking help to develop a happy lifestyle doing things they like.

Are you unhappy with your job, relationship or a life situation and want to change it? Are you frustrated with a behaviour of yours you just can’t manage to overcome no matter what you try? Do you know exactly what you want but have no idea how to get there? The feeling that your life isn’t quite as you hoped it would be, or that something’s missing, is a call from your heart to please stop and listen. Your Truth is trying to contact you. 

Contact me and discover:

  • What has been blocking you and what exact steps to take to make the changes you want. 
  • This will be done in a simple, sustainable method from the only captain of the ship, the expert on your life – YOU.
  • It takes 21 days to change a habit. That’s three weeks. Three focused consultations might be the beginning of everything you’ve wanted.
  • Don’t think twice make that call and follow your Truth to the life of your dreams.

Based in Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa.  

Languages: English, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi, Swazi, Ndebele and Xhosa. 

Sessions available mostly in person but online as needed. 


Phone +27 82 8511289 (call or WhatsApp)

Lianie Jacobs

Educational Psychologist

My interest group is children, adolescents and young adults.

I enjoy doing:

 - Assessments (scholastic, learning barriers, subject choices and career choices)

 - Therapy (ADHD, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, grief etc.)

 - Study methods and healthy coping skills to prevent burnout (especially amongst high achieving adolescents)

 - Talks and workshops on various topics for learners, teachers and parents including teaching the importance of self-care and the permission to allow yourself to take care of yourself and to tune into when you need to take care of yourself despite the demands of work and family.

Based in Somerset West, South Africa.  

Languages: Afrikaans and English. 

Sessions In person and online. 


Heena Bhana

Industrial Psychologist

I actually attended the course to assist me at a rather difficult time in my personal life. After experiencing the benefits first hand, I am of the opinion that it would actually be a crime not to assist in making this amazing work more accessible to people who need it to make sense of, change or make life more meaningful!

Pls reach out to me if you have any doubt in your mind or if you are considering the course. I hope to put your mind at ease about the concrete changes that you will experience that will change decision making altogether!

Based in Kyalami, South Africa.  

Languages: English. 

Sessions In person.

Email: Heena@talenttrace.co.za  

Website: www.talenttrace.co.za

Lutfiyya Chothia

Educational Psychologist

I love working with women and children dealing with life challenging changes.  I believe that learning and growing is lifelong process that everyone needs help with at some point. 

A listening ear and a helping hand can guide you to your inner truth. Let me be that ear and hand to help you find the answers that you have within yourself. To trust yourself and your decisions and have a more fulfilling life.

I can assist with Islamic guided counselling if required. 

Based in South Africa.  

Languages: English. 

Sessions In person and online.

Email: lutfiyyachothia@gmail.com 

Phone: +27 60 696 4482

Medical Doctors

Dr Karen Motilall

Radiation Oncologist

Khalil Gibran once wrote:

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

Seeing the devastating effects of poor cancer care first-hand in close friends and relatives, Dr Motilall made it her mission that all patients (and their families) under her care would be treated with the utmost love, dignity and respect.

Nicknamed "Dr Gentle Hands" by her patients, she cares deeply for them and devotes her time and love to them.

This multitalented doctor treats a broad range of solid malignancies, with a special interest in breast, prostate, gynaecological, head and neck, lung and central nervous system tumours. She is highly skilled in treating tumours with various radiation modalities, including Gamma Knife, brachytherapy, stereotactic radiation, intraoperative radiation and conventional radiation methods. Dr Motilall is an active participant in many multi-disciplinary forums related to cancer treatment.

She and her team consult at the Netcare Milpark Hospital as well as hospitals in Alberton, Benoni, Krugersdorp, Modderfontein and Randburg. 

Based in Alberton, Benoni, Krugersdorp, Milpark, Modderfontein & Randburg, South Africa.  
Languages: English. 

Sessions In person.

Email: manager@drkm.co.za   

Phone: +27(0)66 476 7702/3/4  

Web : drkarensacredheartoncology.co.za


Other Therapists

Jennifer Hirsch

Chirologist (Hand Analyst) and Zen Coach

Our hands and their forms and markings are maps to self- understanding. During chirology readings I am channelling intuitively, offering dialogue therapy and holding presence as a listener. Your hands provide a point of departure into an inner guided tour during which together we inquire into your physical, emotional, vocational, mental and spiritual realms.

You receive gentle guidance, empathic comfort, increased clarity and a broader perspective about all areas of your life. These include self-worth, life purpose, relationships, health and spirituality, as well as support for bereavement, addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, narcissistic abuse and recovery, intimacy, financial matters, family and home life and more.

Based in Ramsgate KZN South Africa.

Languages: English.

Sessions:  Online and in person. 

Email:  jen@cheiro.co.za

 Phone: +27 082 415 0653

Website: www.godgivenglyphs.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCSlNvdo9VG9wVC2iNyo4Gp g

Samantha Carter

Physiotherapist & Craniosacral therapist

My first love is being hands on and helping my clients feel safe in their bodies. We cannot think our way to feeling safe, we can only feel our way to feeling safe.
Through my work I love helping clients learn to come into their bodies and learn to trust their inner wisdom.

Using the ALLOW method (including the 3-Session Laser Process) has given me a wonderful language tool to add to my work as I expand into more coaching.

Based in Riversdale, Western Cape, South Africa.  

 Languages: English and Afrikaans.  

 Sessions:  Online and in person. 

Email:  samcarterphysio@gmail.com  

Phone: +27 83 2100 073

Janet Keet


Train Pain Academy (www.trainpainacademy.co.za) is the NPO with whom I lecture and facilitate training via a 6 module programme for health care professionals to obtain a Certificate in Pain Management.

This aims to equip one with the non-pharmacological tools for treating and managing Pain and Chronic Fatigue.

Burnout and fatigue is prevalent amongst health care professionals and I use the ALLOW YOU tools and the 3-Session Laser Process, to engage with Physiotherapists, Doctors and Occupational Therapists, in particular, to empower them to help themselves and their patients.

Janet Keet Free Resource: 2023 PEEP workbook (Pain Experiential Empowerment Programme) www.trainpainacademy.co.za Under resources > chronic pain management booklets.

Based in Somerset West, South Africa.  

Languages: English. 

Sessions Online. 

Email: janet@theeyecentre.co.za  

Phone: +27 83 348 4353

Mary Netto

Educational Kinesiologist

Integrated Bodywork Facilitator

Anyone who is curious to find a supportive way to help themselves heal and move forward in life with more joy, love and connection towards themselves and others

whether it be a physical,mental or emotional challenge that you are struggling with.. 

Using The Laser Process, Kinesiology   and other bodywork tools to facilitate the unlocking of old belief systems; negative narratives and protective holding patterns that no longer serve your present situation.  These tools help to connect you with your inner unique wisdom to find the support and connection you are needing to  empower yourself to feel energised and living the life YOU want to live.

Based in  Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English. 

Sessions Mainly in person sessions, some online after initial in person consultation.

Email: marynettosa@gmail.com  

Phone: +27 83 457 1002