Do Your Choices Make You Happy?

You've built the life you have now with your small and big daily choices.

  • What will I eat for breakfast?
  • Will I have this medical treatment?
  • How will I react to my child now?
  • Will I pour myself another glass of wine?
  • Will I assert myself in this situation?
  • Do I marry this person?
  • Do I pick up my drug or not?

Every choice you make shapes your life.

  • If your choices are in line with what you feel good about and what you personally believe in, your life will feel satisfying to you.
  • If you make choices that are not what you really prefer because it seems like the 'right thing to do', or you're afraid of disappointing or hurting others, or you're avoiding something, then your life will feel unsatisfying - possibly even depressing and pointless.

What future life are you building for yourself with your choices right now?

If you make the same choices you’ve always made it'll  continue the life you have now - that's good if you're happy, not so good if you're not. 

If you make new choices based on closely listening to your own Truth and honoring your needs, you create the life you wish for. Pretty simple, right?

It's easier than you might realize. All the tools and support you need to do this are right here. Start by asking yourself this question:

"If I loved myself, what would I choose to do now?"

Watch this interview for a great overview
of what Eilat teaches...

It's not your fault you find it difficult to follow your inner Truth.

Most of us don’t give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are.

It’s not really surprising because our advertising, schooling, family, friends and workplaces constantly tell us how we should be. People may say ‘you should just be yourself’ but few places fully encourage us to follow our heart.  A little bit, maybe; as long as what we want to do stays within their comfort zone.

The problem with this, is that regularly doing what other people need instead of what we need causes us pain.

If you keep ignoring your own Truth your needs remain unmet. If your needs are unmet for a long time, it can at some point make you ill, depressed, anxious and angry, or you find yourself reaching for too much wine, food, your phone, unhealthy relationships, drugs, work… at the very least, it makes life feel a bit bland and purposeless.

To love yourself means paying attention to your needs and doing what you can to meet them in every area of your life – your work, relationships, body, sex, money, food, parenting…  Then life feels exciting and energizing.

When your needs are met, you feel satisfied. It’s pretty simple. 

So if you want to immediately feel better in any area of your life, start asking yourself, “What do I really need now?” and then do what you can to meet that need – even a little bit. (Trust me, the answer will not be the wine, phone or the drug – those are just unsatisfying substitutes).

That’s all you need to do to have the life you want; At each big and small decision point in your life, ask what you really need and then do what you can to meet that need. 

So, if you loved yourself, what would you do now?

Who is Eilat Aviram?

I’m a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, energy-healing teacher, speaker, group and workshop facilitator, author and illustrator – and I love all of it passionately! (Otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I practice what I preach :))

I’ve worked in private practice and both private and public psychiatric hospitals and clinics in both wealthy and socio-economically disadvantaged communities. 

After twenty-five years of seeing why people struggle and learning ways to help them find self-love and health, I’ve seen that the underlying ailment of most of us is that we somehow believe something about us must change before we can be okay – and we’re looking outside of ourselves for direction. It's not true though, and it’s not helpful.

When someone first comes to see me, broken and beaten down by something in their life, I know that what I’m seeing is the ‘Before’ picture. Now who doesn’t love watching a good makeover?

When people learn about listening for their own Truth and loving themselves by meeting their needs, I witness a golden light begin to re-enter their greyness. As they start to make daily choices guided by their Truth – usually immediately because this question is so easy to learn to use – their lives quickly morph into what they’ve most wanted. I see tremendous transformations in my clients and everyone around them when they use this question.

Last week someone I’ve seen for six sessions lifted his eyes to me in nervous amazement and asked, “This isn’t a dream, is it? This is actually happening to me, right?”

I’ve written this book and created this website so that I can share this with more people. I want you to know the power you have when you tune into your own loving guidance system. Imagine the wonderful world we can create when each of us lovingly follows our inner guidance and attends to our own needs…

Be the source of your own love.

At some point in life many of us seem to shift from knowing love and being love to thinking that other people are responsible for giving us love. This shift only happens if we disconnect from knowing that we are the source of love.

When you are the source of your own love, it won’t occur to you to look outside of yourself to get that love because you will feel and know it all the time. Loving others and receiving love from them will just be a fun addition to how you always feel.

So ask yourself,

If I loved myself, what would I choose to do now?

Then, oh please, go and do it!