Day 2 – Choosing your best story

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By Eilat Aviram

Choosing your best story

Today you’ll learn about the power you have to create your reality and your experiences just by the stories you choose to tell about what’s happening.
We’ll talk about how to see which story you are using and how to decide if it’s working for you or not – and if not, how you can change it.

(Please note that all the videos are the exact recording of a 21-day journey that was streamed live on Facebook. As a result, while the sound is consistently clear and loud, sometimes the quality of visual is not great. It comes and goes. I’m sorry about that. Some of the videos have no visual blurring and others do. Some people find it distracting and others actually find it strangely useful.)

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  1. Dianna Wilusz says:

    Very powerful question in it’s simplicity: “What story ruled me yesterday and what story am I choosing for today?” Thank you!

    1. Hi Dianna. I’m so glad you found it useful. It is extremely powerful to be aware of the way our stories and thoughts are guiding our choices and feelings. And now that you’re aware of it, you have the power to choose. How cool is that?!

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