A New Name for This Blog?

By Eilat Aviram

screen shot So You Think Parenting Is About The Children


My mother tells me that recently my writing has changed.

“What do you mean?  How is it different?” I ask her

“Just the last few posts” she says, “They’re… safe.”

I have mixed feelings. The strongest is relief and joy that I have a mother who reads my blog (on parenting, no less) and engages with it to the point where she can pick that up and call me on it. I am well aware that this is a rare and wonderful thing. In that moment I feel seen in the best of ways.

It hasn’t always been this way. It has taken us many years and constant intention to get to this place but we are here and I am drop-to-my-knees grateful.

We are proof that it’s never too late to become a conscious parent and for your child to benefit from it.

I thank us both.

The second strongest feeling I had when she said it was indignation. Humph! Me? Safe? I keep challenging myself to be more honest – even if it means being SEEN by y’all – not necessarily in the best of ways.

The third strongest feeling was recognising truth.

I laughed, “It’s because I’ve been in transition. I’m not sure where I’m going with all this, or with what I want the blog to be.”

“But you’ve always written about your confusion before” she says to me in surprise. Thanks Imma.

So here it is.

This writing journey has led me to places I never expected. Deep dark places within myself and startling peaks. I thought the blog was just a way to build a platform to get my book published. I didn’t know a blog has its own life and spirit. Like my children it has shown me to myself over and over in ways that have humbled, thrilled and terrified me. And my book still hasn’t been published.

I have a deep faith in the book’s own journey. In Hebrew the term for publishing translates as, “to bring into the light”. Isn’t that lovely? So this book, like all of us, will come into the light when it’s good and ready. Like my children it has shown me that – and I have finally humbly (mostly) stopped pushing MY way onto it.

Now I’m left with a blog that’s alive. And I’m in love with it.

Life’s funny like that.

BUT it was conceived as a platform-building thing and that’s just not it’s only true purpose in the world – or so it tells me. It wants to be re-named and realigned with its truth – and no, I don’t know yet what that is.

So let’s get practical. The name right now is too long. When people want to visit the site they can’t remember it – and EilatAviram.com is no easier to remember!

So I want your ideas for a two or three word title that will shine with the spirit of this blog – and an explanatory sub-heading. I haven’t had an Aha! yet on my own and it’s always good to ask for help when you need it.

Sri Swami Venkatesananda writes, “We are all cells in the body of God”. When I read that I asked myself, “What is the purpose of my cell? What does it do?”

The best I can come up with at this time is that I see the joyful gifts in life’s ‘hardships’. I tend to get excited when a ‘hardship’ shows itself because it’s one way our soul helps us dissipate our illusions and calls us home to our true shining selves. I strive to honour myself at all times and open to the messages in my challenges so that I constantly expand and increasingly live in my true light – and I help others do the same.

I prefer life to be easy (yes please) – and I think, when we are able to listen, it can be – but if difficulty comes along, I know I’m being offered important knowledge I haven’t been able to hear any other way. And that’s exciting!

In this blog I’ve focused on parenting as a growth training field and I love to write about it but I want the freedom to apply my cell to topics like work or money or relationships as well as parenting because our soul helps us grow through those too.

How do you feel about this change? What do you think this blog could be called?

Remember I need a two or three – maximum four – word title and an explanatory sub-heading. Give as many ideas as you want. Maybe the combination of some of your comments will birth the new name. Pop in, see what others suggest – it may trigger an idea for you. Pass this on and get your friends to brainstorm…

Switch on your brains, hearts and intuition channels people! Let’s see what our community creates. (If you aren’t comfy commenting online you can email me)

I’ll update you next week.


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  1. “Shine with the spirit of this blog” really stood out for me in this post. If you can utiilse “shine” and “spirit” in your new title I think it would be fitting to your overall message. I would welcome your writings on other topics. I find your blog can be very insightful, so I would like the opportunity to soak in your thoughts on other topics.

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Oh this re-naming is going to be SO fun!!! I had no idea. Yaaaaaaay!! I love what you picked out. I’m just putting all the suggestions into the pot and letting the mix percolate to see what emerges but I love the energy of your comment. I’m going to soak it in myself! Huge thank you,

  2. Kylie Wilford says:

    It is all about you? or Seeing the light? Using them to find you? The inner mirror? …. well those are my suggestions.. Ps did you ever get my blogs I sent you? You did ask me for them and i sent them… Can send again if yo never did…
    love Kylie

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Love your ideas Kylie! “Using them to find you” tickles me. Seeing the light… Hmmmmm. So delicious. I wonder how this will all unfold. Lovely.

      As for your blog of course I popped by. I read it and left comments and emailed you. Didn’t you receive any of that? So weird. Keep going, I can feel your heart as you write. Feel free to put the link here if you want others to check it out.

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Oh I burst out laughing when I read this, and carried on laughing for quite a while. Thank you for that. Loved it!

      Although on the serious side… nah, we won’t go there in public 😀

  3. I reckon it needs to be slightly tongue in cheek – I love that the style of your writing has a touch of self deprecation as well as humour and the language is clear like water. In fact, I find myself wanting to dive in.
    How about something like “It’s not you, it’s me”

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Sounds like a break-up! But very on the nose. Thank you so much. In the pot it goes. This is wonderful stuff and your comment about wanting to dive in is … well it’s a comment I will cherish and I’m glad you get that experience in your life. Thank you Laura.

  4. Since I first stumbled across your blog I recognized you as a “light-bringer.” I have felt with every post that you are plugged into divine truth that is absolutely perfect for this moment.

    I’m excited to see what the new name is too!

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      “Plugged into divine truth” could be an interesting name… 😀 Thank you for your amazing words. Amazing!

  5. Firstly, HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! They do say The PTB has a sense of humor :).
    Secondly YAAYYY for expanding your horizons and taking your blog-followers with you,
    Thirdly, “Joyful Gifts” stood out for me, but that may be a bit kitsch for your style (and sounds like a gift shop site). I also think the title needs to have joy and light in it, and also the tongue-in-cheek. Waiting to see what gets cooked up in your pot.
    Love and light
    (hey, that’s a title 🙂 )

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Ha! Excellent. How about “Love and Light Amidst the Crap – Life, Parenting etc” Haaaahhhhaaaaaa hHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Do you think this re-naming thing is getting to me?

      Actually this is really SO fun for me. I have no idea where it’ll all end up but I feel like a journey has just begun. I’m so glad y’all are coming along. Yay for expanded horizons. Thanks for defining that.

      What, BTW is The PTB and why is it so funny?

  6. Eilat, I think you should keep “So you think parenting is about the children?” Seriously. It differentiates you from other blogs, it reflects your sense of humour, it’s intriguing and it shines a light on something none of us want to admit. I know it’s long, but so is a very successful website called “I will teach you to be rich”. Yes a long blog name goes against conventional wisdom, but that’s the very reason it could work. Good luck!

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Yikes Robyn! Throw me a curve ball why don’t you? Especially coming from you marketing genius…

      I must say I do love the title because just on it’s own it creates consciousness and transformation – as you said, just the title makes you think, and that is what I want. It is the title of my book. If I saw a book with that title I’d pick it up as would many people. Once it comes into the light I’d like just the title and the back blurb to already do some work to bring people more into themselves – even if they put it back on the shelf.

      I’m pondering what you say about the blog title… and this is what comes up for me:

      1) Your example website “I will teach you to be rich” is something everyone wants yet even you say I’m saying something people find hard to admit. So I want to make it as easy and gentle as possible for people to engage.

      2) It’s not working as a blog name. When I tell people the title they smile or laugh but later tell me they forgot. Most remember it as “So you thought its about the children” which tells me the title does its work, but doesn’t catch. I want it to be an available resource for those who are interested.

      3) Currently it’s just about parenting but when I think that I have the space to also write about how our money or business or relationships or life crisis is personally tailored to help us grow and heal I have an urge to fling my arms out to the sides and throw my head back and spin around laughing. Which I actually did when I originally felt this out.

      So I thank you for affirming the title I love so much and I thank you a LOT for making me re-think it. You gave me the option to stay and not move and I’ve considered it. It is time to change. It just is. I’ve grown and the blog wants to too.

      There is so much fun awaiting us….

    2. I agree with Robyn, don’t change the name it’s catchy and intriguing. I believe a good way to get people to read something is to create a brain itch with a question or with a phrase that is not conventionally intuitive all of which you’ve done. Also technically you have two good keywords ‘parenting’ and ‘Children’ in your title which helps with your search ability … Anna and I have a little boy now, Harry, I would love you to meet him one day. We’re only just starting the journey your blog title cleverly eludes to… Keep up the good writing Elly…. Love Gis

      1. Eilat Aviram says:

        Wow Gisi, how amazing to have you drop in like this. I’m so happy for you both.
        I would LOVE to meet Harry. Name a time and place (not here of course 🙂 )
        Thanks for your input and feedback. Sigh. This is a tough one…

  7. Parenting by candlelight… finding your own light source for raising children

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Wow Yoav, what amazing imagery this brings… I’m going to work with this a bit… Thank you

  8. Hi Eilat.

    What about ” Homeward bound.” A self-transformational journey from seperation to unity, our true nature.

    There were some words that stood out for me of your post, so I decided to go with that and translated it into the suggested title. The words were ” It’s because I’ve been in transition.”; ” even if it means being SEEN by y’all – not necessarily in the best of ways.”; deep faith in the book’s own journey. In Hebrew the term for publishing translates as, “to bring into the light”; our soul helps us dissipate our illusions and calls us home to our true shining selves. “What is the purpose of my cell? What does it do?”

    The last two questions stuck in my mind as I had just read a passage written by Deepak Chopra regarding the nature of cells. It seemed a lot like what you are trying to achieve. This is your journey and you will determine the purpose for yourself I’m sure but I thought I would share my experience and perspective on it, through Deepak’s guidance.

    1. Higher purpose: “Every cell in your body agrees to work for the welfare of the whole.” Your blog and book seems to be in line with the need to enlighten yourself and others to your and their/our true nature.

    2. Communion: “A cell keeps in touch with other cells.” Your blog serves that purpose.

    3. Awareness: “A cell adapts from moment to moment.” “I tend to get excited when a ‘hardship’ shows itself – open to the messages in my challenges so that I constantly expand and increasingly live in my true light – and I help others do the same.’

    4. Creativity: “Although every cell has a set of unique functions, these combine in creative ways.” This appears to be what you are looking at introducing, by integrating other areas that you could talk about.

    5. Acceptance: “Cells recognize each other as equally important.” Seems like you have opened yourself up wide and invited input from your followers; family, friends and clients, all of whom your appear to value.

    6. Being: “Cells obey the cycle of rest and activity.” Perhaps what appears to be ‘safe’ to some, may be a period of rest ‘transition/ transformation’ to others.

    7. Efficiency: “Cells function with the smallest of possible expenditure of energy. It trusts totally on being provided for.” Sounds like that is what you doing with you book; instead of pouring energy into imposing your way onto it, you are seem to be surrendering by letting it go and trusting that it has it’s own journey.

    8. Bonding: ” In the laboratory, a muscle cell can be genetically transformed into a heart cell by going back to their common source. Healthy cells remain tied to the source no matter how many times they divide.” How many times have you tried to demonstrate that but revealing your own humanness, allowing us your followers to feel less alone.

    9. Giving: “The primary of cell activity is giving, which maintains the integrity of the other cells.” Often you sharing you experience, whether its personal or from another’s perspective, helps us to allow ourselves to love ourselves again and be more forgiving of ourselves.

    10. Immortality: “Cells reproduce in order to pass on their knowledge, experience, and talents.” Do we not receive that gift every Monday morning without fail and how many people to we share that knowledge with.

    So it seems your “Cell” has a purpose and like you say it is ‘alive’. So to quote Deepak ” The mystery of life has found a way to express itself through me (YOU). ” Wishing you a happy transformation and may the title reflect who you are the purpose it has been created for.

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      My jaw is hanging open Zubeida. What a great, great gift you have presented me. I immediately want to tell everyone to come read this magical thing you’ve written – except that in a way its all about me and how would that look? 😀 But it’s also about all of us and its magnificent.
      I’m very moved by what you write, and by the time and thought you out into it, and by its wisdom and affirmation to me and all of us. And thank you to Deepak too.

      Wow. Love in my heart.

  9. Sauce of Knowledge. Hahaa Hey I’m just a messenger here -rwad yr blog in the early morning, dozed off and there it was! Deep truths, fun, wisdom, don’t take life too seriously. Love yr games Play Goddess. Once again- thanks for sgaring your marbles. Enjoy the discovery.

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Eva I laughed aloud! I always do like to be a little saucy… Thank you so much for your dreams and your playing along. What riches. It may sound like a cooking site though now that I think about it… Love it. Oh this is so much fun.

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