Don’t Lose Your Self These School Holidays

By Eilat Aviram

Ah, school holidays.


Don’t they just bring a whole ‘nother parenting ball-game into play? That tingle of anxiety, “How will I keep them busy all that time? They’ll be around so much. What about my schedule, my time for me? How will I get any work done? I have to do something to control this … contain them somehow.”

Nowadays I know that at the end of the holiday I often can’t believe how fast it’s gone and how nice parts of it were. So I’ve learned to take a long slow breath and lean into the upcoming experience – whatever it may be. I’ve learned to not try to control and hold it all. But keeping myself during school holidays so it doesn’t become all about the kids can be a challenge.

Self-care is learned best when modelled. So my self-care plan is to re-run three posts over the next three weeks. It’s also a sneaky way to ask you to read them again because I really want to make these points over and over. In three weeks time, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we go back to school and I’ll go back to weekly new posts. But I’ll still check in so please comment as always. I love your comments.

Have a think about how you plan to keep your Self while the kids are ‘on leave’ from school and ‘on arrive’ at home.

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  1. heh heh… (nervous laughter). We have two months of this joyous time on this side of the bubble. Already today, I thought to myself: Not shouting?! Yeah, right! They are not listening to me any other way (like, it’s the first day of the holiday and I’m repeating myself 4-5-6 times before I even get a response).
    At this point, self care may be going into my room and shutting the door.
    Don’t worry – I’ll come out again – once the two months are over 😉

    1. Eilat Aviram says:

      Ha ha! I hear you sister. There’s that quote, “When my kids misbehave I build a nice safe play pen. When they stop I climb out again.” I’ll post in on my FB now I think.
      But this shouting thing, bless it’s raylon socks, remember it’s triggering the feeling unimportant pain. I really don’t know WHY that should be when they’re all not listening to you no matter what you do…
      Remind yourself you are precious and important no matter what. LOVE yourself fiercely in those pain moments. Those deep hidden feelings are also driving you in other moments you can’t see so well. Practice in the ones your children help bring to light and the other times will benefit too.

      This is how our children help us to heal.

      Sending you love and light.

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