What is the ‘Free To Be You’ Summit?

Be Yourself, Being Inspired


When I first heard of the ‘Free to be You Summit’, I have to admit I had visions of happy, free people roaming about in nature scantily clad…

But it’s not that.

Although it could be if that’s how YOU want to express… 😄

This is an amazing empowerment initiative by my most wonderful new friend Soraiya Vasanji. She’s a warm, funny, lovely coach, mom and human.

She has somehow managed the MAMMOTH task of interviewing 30 leaders, coaches, healers and wise-folk about different aspects of being your best self.

And now she is offering it all for free in the form of a summit.

So I had to let you know.

‘Cos I love giving you good stuff that will support you on your journey to being brave and self-loving.

And I was blessed to be one of the people she chose to interview and we had a GREAT conversation that I definitely want to share with you.

In her words, Once I embraced my intuition and committed to showing up authentically, life started to shift into abundance and joy. And I am passionate to share that with more people. That’s why I am so excited to share my insights in the Free To Be You Summit.”

You can learn absolutely everything you’d ever want to know about the summit OVER HERE, but as a quick overview:

  • The summit will run from May through July
  • 30+ Speakers will inspire you to create and live your best authentic, abundant and joyful life!
  • Join the Mommy Mindset Squad FB Group where you’ll find accountability, connect with others engaging in the summit and ask the speakers questions, as well as participate for awesome raffles!
  • You can attend the summit absolutely free, but you can choose to grab the VIP Mother’s Day Special at any time. The VIP will give you an all-access pass to the summit (meaning you get all the videos for life), a masterclass with my friend Soraiya and a whole bunch of other bonuses!
  • This is for mommies and any other human who wants to live more authentically.

This is really an amazing gift to give yourself. And it’s free!

REGISTER HERE and dive in deeper to your best self!

Wishing you love and light


This is the link again https://soraiyavasanji.newzenler.com

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