I just had a beautiful moment 

 September 19, 2019


I want to share it because you are helping me create this.

I was looking at my book categories on Amazon to see how it’s doing.  I’m browsing the Adult Children of Alcoholics category where it’s at number 8 between titles like Alcohol Sucks and You’re Not Crazy, You’re Codependent. I see the question of my title in-amongst these painful topics and I suddenly felt the impact of it. As though I was someone looking for help and then, suddenly, this hectic question popped out at me. “If you loved yourself, what would you do now?” And my reaction was “Whoa!”

Part of this imaginary me felt drawn nearer to look more and the other part wanted to get away as fast as possible – but I could sense that this question would not leave me. That I could not un-see it. Something had already shifted just by seeing it. And it felt like I’d maybe come back to look for it when I felt ready for more. And then I’d probably do the Look Inside and maybe run away again. Then maybe come back to it and buy it and read it one day when I felt ready to love myself more.

Tears of grateful joy came to my eyes as I stared at my computer screen feeling all this. I feel immense gratitude that this healing process will be sparked for people who just see the book title tucked in on the Amazon shelves.

Thank you for your part in this.


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