Are you making drama?

By Eilat Aviram


In 2019 when Covid first began and we all went into lockdown for the first time, many were freaking out and I ran a 21-Day Quarantine Quest to help people manage their anxiety and figure out how to find internal strength to cope with what was happening.⁠

Now we have these new overwhelming world events and the message of this video from Day 3 of the Quest feels very relevant.⁠


Because the news and media constantly use words that will frighten us and you can choose to participate in that...⁠

Or you can choose to love yourself by using words that will soothe and empower you.⁠

Did you know you can literally change how you feel just by using a different word?⁠

So pay attention to whether you are using words that make you feel better or worse.⁠

Watch the video to witness the group's conversation about this and learn how you can create drama or calm by your choice of words.  (The first bit of the video is preamble so you can start from 2:40 minutes.)

You can find out more about '21 Days To Stop Being Afraid of The Unknown'  HERE

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Eilat Aviram is a Daring-Decisions Teacher.

She's worked with people for 25 years as a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, best-selling author, speaker and energy-healing teacher and she is passionate about helping people dare to love themselves in their moments of decision and find the courage to live their truth.

Eilat Aviram