21 Days to Stop Being Scared of the Unknown

Are you feeling unsettled, stressed or depressed about the changes that are going on right now?

If you could learn how to feel safe and know that you’ll be ok no matter what happens,would you want to?

If you could know how to face whatever life brings you in a way that you look back on with pride, would you do it?

Right now uncontrollable changes are happening all over the world.

If you’ve lost your job or your salary, your health or your loved ones, life can feel terrifying.

In this 21-day Quest with a warm and skilled psychologist,you will learn how to take charge of your inner experience no matter what happens – now and in future.

And the investment for 21 days of support is only $49 which is less than a third of one psychology session!

(South Africans, for your local information and payment click here.)

The way we deal with any challenge in our life shapes how we feel about ourselves.

And how we feel about ourselves shapes our life.

In this 21-day quest you will slowly gain confidence to face any challenge that may come your way so that you don’t have to feel scared of what life might bring.

The tools are given in bite-sizes that you can immediately practice, and you’ll quickly see how you have more power than you realize - even as you face events you can’t control.

In this series of gentle, encouraging teachings you will learn

  • how to confidently deal with uncertainty and the unknown
  • how to calm your fear and anxiety
  • how to love yourself more
  • how to improve your relationships
  • how to change your relationship with money
  • how to manage loss
  • how to have more trust in yourself and life
  • how to speak more kindly to yourself
  • how to reassure yourself

In these 21 days you will learn how to take your power back so that you are proud of yourself and not scared of the unknown anymore. The tools you learn here will strengthen and support you for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to feel better no matter what situation you may face?

What do you get?

  • 21 Half-hour video lessons
  • 21 Audios of the video to download if you prefer to listen on your phone or while driving.
  • 21 Transcripts of the video if you prefer to read it or to use it to take notes.

And you also get this bonus

  • Membership to my private Facebook group in which you can ask questions about the daily topics. I pop into the group weekly and answer questions related to the topics and this remains even after you have finished the 21 days.

You can learn in the way that suits you best - watch, listen, read, write, share and become part of a supportive community of people who are also learning how to deal with the unknown.

For only $49 you get all the videos, audios, transcripts and membership to a supportive community with Eilat's feedback.

(South Africans, for your local information and payment click here.)

Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose by signing up.

If you have done the 21 Day Journey and feel you did not benefitand have not received what you paid for, please let me know and I will just refund your money.

It is important to me that you feel you received the support and tools you hoped to get in choosing this journey.

Are you an Employer?

Empower your employees.

Many business owners and managers are faced with the horrific task of lowering salaries and retrenching loyal employees.

All of us know people who are struggling financially and emotionally during this time . Those of us who still have jobs are having to get used to the new environment or the challenges of working from home.

Everyone needs support right now.

Investing in the group package is an affordable way to offer emotional and psychological support to your team.

You get 11 hours of compassionate empowerment from a psychologist for each employee to learn how to better manage this crisis we are in – or any time of transition and unknown. And because it’s so easy and affordable, you can even extend that support and care to staff you have had to say goodbye to.

You and your team will learn how to take charge of your inner experience no matter what happens – now and in future.

It will help your team be more productive and efficient and create a happier workplace.

People have found the journey to be very supportive and empowering.

“I am just about finished your 21-day quarantine quest and it has changed my life.”

“Eilat’s 21-day Quarantine Quest was such a gift for me. Having lost my income during this period I would often wake up feeling depressed and lost and those 21 days with Eilat’s videos provided me with such an essential source of grounding, centering and self-nourishment on an emotional level. After each video I was always left feeling uplifted and re-inspired.”

“The 21-day quest with Eilat was an anchor of light for me in a confusing and dark time.”

“In the midst of massive uncertainty this 21-day quest supported me in finding a loving stable ground on which to rest. Thank you Eilat”

“To this day, Eilat’s teachings, profoundly put to the test in these days of lockdown, have viscerally changed my perception of fear and anxiety.”

“Your sessions made a huge impact on me.”

“Your 21-day quest greeted me every day with the warm words of a welcoming friend. I felt so held and supported in an easy and non-judgmental space and was able to lean into so many new learnings which helped me feel more whole, more my true self. In the midst of massive uncertainty this quest supported me in finding a loving stable ground on which to rest. Thank you Eilat”

“In this time of Covid, when the sweeping changes worldwide and my own derailed plans caused much anxiety, Eilat’s consistent presence and reassuring, steadfast core teachings allowed me and I believe all who tuned in, to strengthen our own core. The 21 days provided a sanctuary which lasted well beyond the 30 minutes. As we journeyed together in the “loving unknown” each day, a steady transformation took place where peace could seep in.”

“I had such an aha moment while watching your video! When I judge myself, I always think I have something to fix within myself. What I now know is that there’s nothing to fix. There are only parts of myself I need to love. There’s nothing wrong with me. Thank you thank you thank you for your teachings.”

“I’ve been watching your Quarantine Quest (although only about half way through) and it has been wonderful – it’s reminded me how to connect with myself again.” 

“Her little bites of wisdom pack a real punch … like green juice shots for the soul!  21 powerful self-love reminders…what an amazing gift to Self! “ 

“Daily talks with her and the others on the quest provided an opportunity for deeper connection to the self, and a chance to see life from a broader perspective. There’s such sweet comfort in that!”

“I am a big fan of what you do, and the authenticity with which you do it. Thank you for sharing your invaluable gifts and making them accessible to us all.” 

Who is Eilat?

Eilat Aviram is an internationally sought-after clinical psychologist, best-selling author, speaker, and teacher who has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-four years.

She works with groups, individuals and organisations around the world teaching a simple and powerful method for making good decisions that satisfy both the mind and heart and benefit the greater community.

Her book ‘If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?’ is available on Amazon, Kindle, Loot and Exclusive Books Online.

You can contact Eilat at info@ifilovedmyself.com and find her books and free resources on her website www.ifilovedmyself.com