Getting Naked 

 May 23, 2016

By  Eilat Aviram

Being Naked

Mostly we pretend

That underneath our clothes we are

Not naked

Yet here you sit

The preparations made

The people invited

And now here we all sit

From the audience

I watch you begin

To get naked

At first I’m startled

By this intimacy

Surely we don’t

Know each other

Well enough for this?

I glance around at the others

They are watching

You open the windows

Exposing parts of yourself

We normally hide

And here I sit

I don’t know what

They feel

But I am you

And you are me

I know the power of getting naked

The searing of light and air on those hidden parts

With my loved ones

My children


I witness the power of getting naked

You show me your flaws, your worries, your hopes and fears

And you are beautiful

To me

I’m amazed anew

It’s ok to be naked

I am you

And you are me

Your courage and beauty

Give me


For the world

And for me

Thank you

For sharing

You with me

Eilat Aviram

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