What Is Your Heart Saying Yes To?

By Eilat Aviram

You know when you’re about to do something new and you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy it or not?

This past year I’ve taken some big chances and made many changes in my work life even though it was already great and didn’t need changing. But for a long time I’ve felt called to help more people love themselves in the choices they make because that’s where I see most people’s problems stemming from. So, I gathered my courage and threw myself fully into speaking and running workshops on how to make satisfying choices by listening to your inner Truth.

Now, this might sound strange to you, but to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure I would like it. I was secretly worried I’d make all that effort and find out that I really preferred just sitting in my private practice working one-on-one with my wonderful clients. It’s so satisfying affecting change one person at a time. And it’s a LOT less exposing and vulnerable.

However, it turns out that I completely love my new career direction. I’ve fallen in love with it. On my recent magical visit to the US I learned so much. Mostly by being completely terrified of the various new things I was faced with doing! The growth came from choosing to love myself by overcoming my fears and going out there anyway. Don’t I look self-satisfied?!

At one point of my trip I gave two workshops, two talks, a video recording and an onstage testimonial in front of 350 people in the space of six days. I was exhausted.

But the most amazing thing was happening.

There I was teaching my simple, method of asking the love question to tune into your own inner guidance to make choices and over and over I saw people’s faces light up and their jaws drop open as they realized they can HEAR their heart’s guidance and they have permission to turn inward for advice.

I got to witness this happening in front of my eyes and felt humbled that something so basic can have such earth-shaking results in us.

During my workshops and talks I can actually SEE people come home to themselves. 

It’s wild! One moment they’re sitting there disconnected from their inner knowing and it feels normal for them to live like that. The next moment they ask themselves the Love question for the first time and suddenly find themselves centered and connected to their loving wise center. It’s the most amazing thing.

In the moment someone connects to their inner truth their body softens, their breath deepens, their eyes widen and a look of incredulous relief and awe dawns on their face.

This is real magic. I would pause that moment of witnessing and live in it because as someone connects with their heart, I find my own heart expanding with great joy. It’s as though our hearts are joined even though we are strangers to each other.

It makes me think that maybe, each one of us that opens our heart, opens everyone’s heart.

I’ve been teaching this method to my clients and groups for many years but I’m just at the start of my journey to teach it in a more deliberate way to groups. And I’m blown away. In every audience there are many people who make the shift. They come in one way and they leave another. When they go home, they take with them their best possible life coach consultant – their own wise self.

This trip showed me again that it’s the same around the world.

We feel empty and confused when we are disconnected from our inner truth and are joyfully relieved to reconnect with it.

I feel so privileged and happy to be part of this dawning.

So, I now have my inner answer. This is definitely something I want to expand and focus on. My heart and soul say a big YES to teaching as many people as possible this simple tool that, quite frankly, we should all have been taught in kindergarten.

If I loved myself I would allow myself to make this movement as big as I can. I hope you join me in doing that.

Now, this new challenge has popped up.

COVID-19 is bringing change and challenge to our lives globally and we are sequestered to our homes.

Some people are finding this a relief because they’ve been longing for a chance to rest from being on the treadmill.  Many others are feeling scared and confused in this great Unknown. Financial worries loom large and some people are hurting at the separation from their loved ones and friends. Others are grieving the loss of friends and family. It’s very difficult to trust or find the beauty and love when we are sad or scared.

I’d love to help you connect with that all-knowing wise part of yourself so your heart can help you navigate this unprecedented experience. If you do that, you might find yourself looking back on this quarantine time as a gift.

My heart is calling to me to speak out and help people choose to live in a way that their heart says yes to while they are stuck at home and dealing with these new challenges.

I want to ask everyone during this time, “What is YOUR heart saying yes to at the moment?

Will you follow it?”

I’ll be stretching myself with another first this week in answer to my heart’s calling.. I will talk live on my Facebook page ‘If I Loved Myself’ for 15-20 minutes daily for 21 days starting Thursday 26th March at 10.30am Pacific Time / 7.30pm South Africa Time.

This is where it will be happening  www.facebook.com/ifilovedmyself

I might call it, “The Quarantine Quest – Make this a time you look back on with gratitude.” I’m not sure about the name and I don’t know if it matters. I’m open to suggestions. If you join me live you’ll be able to ask questions and hear my responses. If you can’t be there live it will remain as a video recording on the Facebook page that you can watch at your convenience.

I hope to make this a useful source of support and encouragement while we are in lock down. And I really, REALLY hope, that at some point during the talks, your chest opens, your muscles relax, your eyes open wide with awe and your breathing deepens as you connect to your own inner Truth in a new way that can change the course of your life.

Remember, when you open your heart, it opens everyone’s heart.

If you loved yourself, what would you do now?

Let me know in the comments or in an email.


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  1. It is surprising when we find the hidden strength within ourselves when we step out of our comfort zone. This is where true change and growth will take place.

    “When you open your heart, it opens everyone’s” such a powerful truth.

    1. Hi Paul

      It really is amazing that we have strengths and gifts in us that we don’t ever know about until we step outside our imagined limitations. May we all keep stepping out into opening our hearts more and more. Limitless 🙂

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Eilat Aviram is a Daring-Decisions Teacher.

She's worked with people for 25 years as a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, best-selling author, speaker and energy-healing teacher and she is passionate about helping people dare to love themselves in their moments of decision and find the courage to live their truth.

Eilat Aviram