August 31, 2015

By  Eilat Aviram

Yesterday I told Sam in our session that I think our task in life is to become a full expression of ourselves.

He looked at me quizzically. “What do you mean?”

“Each one of us has to learn to allow ourselves to be whoever we are, fully and unashamedly. That’s when we can all shine. That’s when the world will be better.”


He thought a while and then said, “So you mean live to our edge?”

“Our edge?” I asked. It sounded good and the energy with which he said it felt liberating and exciting.

“Yes. Right now there’s a gap between me and my edge” he explained showing me with his hand where he ends and where his edge does, “You are saying live all the way to the edge?”

“Yes! Your task is to close that gap, to expand into yourself all the way to the edge. To give yourself permission to be you and not apologise for it.”

He felt it out quietly for a few moments and then burst out laughing and exclaimed, “What a relief!”

Isn’t it just?

Later he may discover there is no edge.

I wish you a week of expanding to your edge – and beyond…

Eilat Aviram

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  1. Isabbel Cooper says:

    Sam has liberated me, thank you Eilat and Sam.

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