Your Fear is Contagious!

By Eilat Aviram
Did you know that?
Watch this 1-min clip from my 21 Days to Stop Being Scared of the Unknown.

Emotions have a measurable electromagnetic-magnetic frequency. So every time you give into that fear, it makes it stronger int he world and easier for others to access.
And every time you choose love, peace, joy and compassion, it makes it easier for those around you to feel it too.
Physics shows that the frequencies of joy and love interrupt and then dominate the frequencies of fear and hate. Isn’t that so cool?
I’m so tired of feeling fear, aren’t you?
Do you also want world peace?
Let’s help each other do this. Let’s change the world by choosing to turn towards feeling kindness, compassion, love, peace and joy – one challenge at a time.
What do you say? Tell me in the comments.

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Eilat Aviram is a Daring-Decisions Teacher.

She's worked with people for 25 years as a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, best-selling author, speaker and energy-healing teacher and she is passionate about helping people dare to love themselves in their moments of decision and find the courage to live their truth.

Eilat Aviram