Here’s what you should NEVER do, if you want to be happy!

Be Yourself, Keeping Your Self


Listen! There is something REALLY important you need to stop doing NOW.

In my 24 years of working with people as a psychologist, healer and teacher, I’ve found that there is ONE thing people do that causes all their unhappiness.


I’m serious. If you are doing this, it’s messing up your life, guaranteed!

By now, when I see someone doing this I feel quite distressed because I know this one thing will land you in a whole heap of trouble every time.

What is it?

It’s not listening to yourself.

What I’ve learned over the years is that stuff you are unhappy about in your life, is usually the result of making choices that weren’t exactly what you preferred or what you knew to be right for you.

You didn’t do it on purpose and it’s not your fault.

Our whole society is structured to make you listen to what other people or the media says is best.

We are trained to make sure other people are happy, no matter the cost to us.


We each have a built-in knowing deep within ourselves about what feels right to us and what doesn’t.

In that moment when you are thinking, “Should I do this or should I do that?” you KNOW.

You ALWAYS have a sense of which one you prefer.

The question is whether you LISTEN to that knowing or not…

And the outcomes and your happiness depend on whether you listen or don’t.

When you listen, you feel good. Life feels right and hopeful.
When you don’t, the results are horrendous.

When we turn away from our inner knowing we end up depressed, anxious, unhappy in our jobs and relationships, distressed in our parenting, addicted to various things…

When someone comes for therapy, I often just have to help them look back and find where they overrode their Truth and figure out how to start to live according to their own inner knowing.

It sorts out just about anything.

So please, please, don’t ignore your quiet inner knowing. It is the guide to your happier life.


When you start following your inner Truth, your life changes to something you actually like!

That’s it. The whole secret to a happy life.


Let me know what one thing you are going to start listening to your truth about today.

If you loved yourself, what would you do now?

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