Are you a heart-centred leader,
business owner or manager?

Are you striving to keep your business alive while supporting yourself and your staff through these uncertain times?

Have you had to let people go because of tough business decisions?

Do you feel worried about your liability because of the impact of your choices on your employees and their families?

Are some of your staff struggling to work from home and not being as productive?

Do you want to empower your employees so they can be more productive and survive and thrive through whatever changes may come their way?

Right now uncontrollable changes are happening all over the world.

Many business owners and managers are faced with the horrific task of lowering salaries and retrenching loyal employees.

All of us know people who are struggling financially and emotionally during this time . Those of us who still have jobs and businesses are having to get used to the new environment or the challenges of managing the team from home.

All of us are facing the possibility of losing our business, our salary, our health or our loved ones.  It can feel terrifying.

We all need support during this time of change.

It’s natural to feel stressed and scared about all the unknowns, but living in fear weakens our immune system and lessens our ability to make good decisions.

People are being less efficient

Have you noticed how some people are taking longer to return your emails and texts, and making more mistakes?

That happens when people's minds are occupied with worries.

There is a simple way to empower yourself and your team.

  • Would you like to help yourself and your staff manage anxiety and fear better?
  • Do you want to know how to deal confidently and calmly with uncertainty, loss and change?
  • Would you like to be less anxious about money?
  • Would you like to use this time to actually improve your relationships with loved ones and colleagues?
  • Do you want to have more control of your own inner experience?
  • Would you like to cultivate and build up the skills of resilience and create a more positive atmosphere for you, your family and your employees?
  • Would you like to love yourself more?
  • Would you like to actually use this time of change to create new plans that are relevant today for your life going forward?

You can do this.

Many businesses can’t afford life-skills training or a psychologist for each employee during this transition.

But everybody needs support right now and getting that support will make the difference in whether you successfully navigate this time or not.

The reality is that everybody has been impacted by this situation.

During my 24 years as a clinical psychologist and healing teacher I've helped many people overcome loss, trauma, confusion and uncertainty. This time is all of those things and it's happening on a much larger scale so I have felt strongly called to help ease the fears of this time.

That's why I created a 21-Day Journey to Stop Being Scared of the Unknown.

In these 21 days I teach life-skills for surviving and thriving in times of change, uncertainty and loss..

You and your team will learn how to take charge of your inner experience no matter what happens – now and in future.

It will help your team be more productive and efficient and create a happier workplace.

Sleep better at night even if you have to let them go.

The reality is that there are a lot of businesses trying to make it through this time and you may have had to make some tough business decisions which are right for your business but don't feel good.

But those business decisions don’t have to get in the way of you caring for the people who have worked for your business and you can still offer them much-needed support.

You can now gift yourself and your employees with vital life-skills - and because it's so easy and affordable, you can even extend that support and care to staff you have had to say goodbye to.

Give the people you've been responsible for a better chance at successfully navigating the uncertainties they face.

Imagine two weeks from today you’re at the supermarket checkout line and you realize you’re standing behind someone you had to let go. You feel your whole body tighten up with anxiety and you’re terrified of how they’ll look at you if they see you but then they see you and say, “Oh I’m glad you're here. I wanted to thank you for that journey you gave us. It’s really been helping me.

Would you like a sneak peak into the journey?

Investing in the group package is an affordable way to offer emotional and psychological support to your team.

You get 11 hours of compassionate empowerment from a psychologist for how to manage this crisis we are in – or any time of transition and unknown – for a fraction of the price of one individual therapy session.

Offering this resource to your staff can greatly increase the possibility that they will survive the transition better.

This means you will have a happier and more productive team and those who have left are more likely to be ok when you are looking to re-hire later.

People have found the journey to be very supportive and empowering.

"I am just about finished your 21-day quarantine quest and it has changed my life."

“Eilat’s 21-day Quarantine Quest was such a gift for me. Having lost my income during this period I would often wake up feeling depressed and lost and those 21 days with Eilat’s videos provided me with such an essential source of grounding, centering and self-nourishment on an emotional level. After each video I was always left feeling uplifted and re-inspired.”

“The 21-day quest with Eilat was an anchor of light for me in a confusing and dark time.”

“In the midst of massive uncertainty this 21-day quest supported me in finding a loving stable ground on which to rest. Thank you Eilat”

“To this day, Eilat's teachings, profoundly put to the test in these days of lockdown, have viscerally changed my perception of fear and anxiety.”

What do you get?

  • An email template to send to your staff members explaining that you are gifting them with this journey and inviting them to join.
  • A very affordable group package price for as many people as you choose to empower (from less than 10 to over 200).
  • Better sleep at night knowing you have helped your staff and loved ones have a better chance of coming through this time strong and healthy.
  • A more productive, balanced and efficient team and happier workplace.
  • More confidence about running into previous employees at the supermarket or anywhere else because you know you’ve provided a higher level of support than many others have.

What do they get?

  • 21 Videos (half hour each) of the live recordings of Eilat talking and teaching skills about the different topics
  • 21 MP3 audios of the talks to listen on a phone or while driving
  • 21 Transcripts of each video that can be used as reminders, notes and places to write notes.

and two bonuses

  • Membership to a private Facebook group to ask questions and receive answers from Eilat and the supportive community.
  • The knowledge that you care enough to do something like this.

In these 21 sessions, they’ll gain essential life-skills that will not only support them through this time, but will also strengthen their resilience and improve their quality of life for the rest of their life.

Give your staff (and yourself) 21 days of support and teaching from a skilled psychologist for how to manage an overwhelming and scary time of transition.

This is a real way to give support to the people you find yourself responsible for in these very challenging times. 

Implementing this gives your business a stronger chance to survive and even thrive during this time.

Click here to purchase individual journeys of '21-Days to Stop Being Scared of the Unknown'


Who is Eilat?

Eilat Aviram is an internationally sought-after clinical psychologist, best-selling author, speaker, and teacher who has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-four years.

She works with groups, individuals and organisations around the world teaching a simple and powerful method for making good decisions that satisfy both the mind and heart and benefit the greater community.

Her book ‘If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?’ is available on Amazon, Kindle, Loot and Exclusive Books Online.

You can contact Eilat at and find her books and free resources on her website

In this series of gentle, encouraging teachings you will learn

·      how to more confidently deal with uncertainty and the unknown

·      how to calm your fear and anxiety

·      how to love yourself more

·      how to improve your relationships

·      how to change your relationship with money

·      how to manage loss

·      how to have more trust in yourself and life

·      how to speak more kindly to yourself

·      how to reassure yourself

More comments from people who have done this 21-day journey:

"Your sessions made a huge impact on me."

“Your 21-day quest greeted me every day with the warm words of a welcoming friend. I felt so held and supported in an easy and non-judgmental space and was able to lean into so many new learnings which helped me feel more whole, more my true self. In the midst of massive uncertainty this quest supported me in finding a loving stable ground on which to rest. Thank you Eilat”

“In this time of Covid, when the sweeping changes worldwide and my own derailed plans caused much anxiety, Eilat's consistent presence and reassuring, steadfast core teachings allowed me and I believe all who tuned in, to strengthen our own core. The 21 days provided a sanctuary which lasted well beyond the 30 minutes. As we journeyed together in the "loving unknown" each day, a steady transformation took place where peace could seep in.

I had such an aha moment while watching your video! When I judge myself, I always think I have something to fix within myself. What I now know is that there’s nothing to fix. There are only parts of myself I need to love. There's nothing wrong with me. Thank you thank you thank you for your teachings.” 

"I've been watching your Quarantine Quest (although only about half way through) and it has been wonderful - it's reminded me how to connect with myself again." 

“Her little bites of wisdom pack a real punch … like green juice shots for the soul!  21 powerful self-love reminders…what an amazing gift to Self! “ 

“Daily talks with her and the others on the quest provided an opportunity for deeper connection to the self, and a chance to see life from a broader perspective. There’s such sweet comfort in that!”

"I am a big fan of what you do, and the authenticity with which you do it. Thank you for sharing your invaluable gifts and making them accessible to us all."