During the next 21 days you will learn how to take charge of your inner experience of any big changes in your life – now and in future.

You will slowly gain the confidence to face any challenge that may come your way so that you don’t have to feel scared of what life might bring.

In bite-sized tools that you can immediately practice, you’ll see you have more power than you realize – even as you face events you can’t control.

In these next 21 days you will learn how to take your power back so that you are proud of yourself and not so scared of the unknown. 

The tools you learn here will strengthen and support you for the rest of your life.

Are you ready?

How This Works

Below are the links to each of the 21 days. 

In each day’s link you will find:

  1. A brief explanation of the topic of the day
  2. The half-hour video lesson
  3. The audio of the video to download if you prefer to listen on your phone or while driving.
  4. The transcript of the video if you prefer to read it or to use it to take notes.
  5. The link to join my private Facebook group in which you can ask questions about the daily topics. I pop into the group weekly and answer questions related to the topics.

You can learn in the way that suits you best and become part of a supportive community of people who are also learning how to deal with the unknown.

I’m so glad you’ve joined. I’ll see you in the first video.

With love and light

Eilat Aviram

Clinical Psychologist, best-selling author, speaker and teacher.

Please note that the videos are the exact recording of a 21-day journey that was streamed live on Facebook. As a result, while the sound is consistently clear and loud, sometimes the quality of visual is not great. I’m sorry about that. It comes and goes. Some of the videos have visual blurring and others don’t. Some people find it distracting and others actually find it oddly useful.

If you have any questions about the topics, join the private Facebook group where I will pop in weekly to answer questions and where you can give and receive support from a community of other people who are also on this journey.

In this series of gentle, encouraging teachings you will learn

·      how to more confidently deal with uncertainty and the unknown

·      how to calm your fear and anxiety

·      how to love yourself more

·      how to improve your relationships

·      how to change your relationship with money

·      how to manage loss

·      how to have more trust in yourself and life

·      how to speak more kindly to yourself

·      how to reassure yourself