If you’re ready to change but don’t know how to, 
this is your moment to get the help and insights you need.

If you’re frustrated with being stuck in the same patterns and you want someone to kindly and clearly show you how to make different choices in a way that isn’t overwhelming and lasts longer than a week, you’ve found the right person.

The international psychologist, author, speaker and Follow-Your-Truth Catalyst Eilat Aviram has opened up a few spaces for private VIP sessions during her short stay in Los Angeles and San Diego. 

It’s an opportunity not to be missed. She has been awakening people to possibilities for the past 23 years. A single two-hour session with Eilat will bring you surprisingly closer to where you long to be.

“What we do in our session is clear away whatever stands in the way of your 
listening to your own inner Truth
so that you can connect to your heart’s wisdom. 
That way you get clear on what steps you need to take next to get to wherever you want to go.
This is not your usual logic-based coaching. It’s a profound coming home to yourself
that can change the course of your life.
The side-effect of listening to your Truth is that you start to feel more loved by yourself
and your life immediately, almost magically, starts to feel more satisfying.”

These private sessions book out very fast so don’t wait to grab this amazing opportunity to get transformational individual attention from a warm, kind-hearted and wise best-selling author, psychologist and teacher.

Book a session with her and learn what your heart is calling out for you to hear.

Why Should I do This?

You know that moment where you feel burning frustration with yourself because you keep doing those things you wish you could stop or you’re being the person you wish you weren’t?

And you feel so disappointed in yourself and in your life and you’re scared it will never change. Then people say you should love yourself and it makes you want to cry because you wish you could love yourself, you really do, but you don’t know how to and you don’t know if you deserve it or if it’s even possible for someone like you.

And now here you are at the start of 2020. It’s a whole new year and a new decade and you know you have to start loving yourself and making different choices but you don’t know where to start and you really don’t think a few bubble baths and some affirmations are going to help you make the depth of change you need to make.

There is hope – and the answer to your way out of this is simpler than you can imagine.

Your way out of whatever mess you’re in, comes in the form of a simple, powerful, life-changing question that will support you in starting to live the way you long to.

Anyone can learn it and it’s so simple you don’t expect it to be as powerful as it is.

In your private session, Eilat will guide you to use this question and begin to shift things in your life that you think are unshiftable.

By the end of your two-hour session with her, you will know how to:

  • love yourself more in your unique circumstances,
  • know what to do next that will bring you closer to where you want to be,
  • tune into your unique inner knowing, your own Truth, so that you always have the wisest and most accurate guidance and support in the moments you need it most to make more satisfying choices in your life. 

This once-off session can have a ripple effect long after it is over and eventually change your life.

When you start to follow your inner knowing, your life instantly becomes easier and more satisfying.

Yes, I’m ready to start loving myself

What is the investment?

Eilat has agreed to a special rate for the two-hour sessions so you have this golden opportunity for only $497.

Book your two-hour transformation session now.

Are you ready to come home to yourself, love yourself more and start living life in alignment with your own Truth? This is your opportunity to learn how.

I can’t say this enough, spaces are very limited so book quickly if this is something you want to do.

Book my private session


Who is Eilat?

“I am a Follow-Your-Truth Catalyst.”

Eilat Aviram is an international sought-after clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, author, speaker and energy-healing teacher, who has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-three years.

During this time, she’s discovered something surprising:

Life actually DOES come with an instruction manual – it’s inside us!

Each of us has a unique, built-in guidance system that constantly offers directions to our most joyful and satisfying life.

Eilat is passionate about helping people learn a simple, powerful method to tune into this internal guidance system – which she calls ‘your Truth’ – and follow it to the life we secretly long for.

Many people feel trapped by behaviors, situations or choices they keep repeating that they feel bad or ashamed about – yet they aren’t managing to overcome them. Eilat wrote a book and teaches courses to empower more people with this method so they can finally make choices that feel good and satisfying to them.

“Warm, joyful, funny and wise” are words often used to describe Eilat.

She teaches and speaks in a practical, logical way yet this is not your usual logic-based coaching. It’s a profound coming home to yourself that can change the course of your life. 

She is in high demand but has opened up just a few new spaces for private VIP sessions during her short stay in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Don’t delay because these slots fill up fast! 



Other Opportunities to Work with Eilat

VIP Half-Day Experience

The half-day process with Eilat is a more intensive transformative experience open to just five people.

To apply for this unique opportunity contact info@ifilovedmyself.com and we will send you the details.

Full Day Workshop on 22 February 2020 in LA

Information and bookings for Eilat’s life-changing full-day workshop in LA on 22 February  https://ifilovedmyself.comproduct/la-workshop/

Visit the website www.ifilovedmyself.com to find out more
about this life-changing method and Eilat’s workshops, courses, book and talks
or email your questions and speaker requests to info@ifilovedmyself.com