You know that moment where you feel burning anger at yourself because you keep doing those things you wish you could stop or being the person you wish you weren’t?

And you feel so disappointed in yourself and in your life and you’re scared it will never change. Then people say you should love yourself and it makes you want to cry because you wish you could love yourself, you really do, but you don’t know how to and you don’t know if you deserve it or if it’s even possible for someone like you.

And now here you are at the start of 2020. It’s a whole new year and a new decade and you know you have to start loving yourself and making different choices but you don’t know where to start and you really don’t think a few bubble baths and some affirmations are going to help you make the depth of change you need to make.

There is hope – and the answer to your way out of this is simpler than you can imagine.

There is a simple, powerful, life-changing question that will support you in starting to live the way you long to. Anyone can learn it and it’s so simple you don’t expect it to be as powerful as it is.

This February you have a life-changing opportunity to learn how to shift the things in your life that you think are unshiftable.

International sought-after psychologist, author and speaker Eilat Aviram has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-three years. 

She will briefly be in Los Angeles and she is offering a small group an exclusive full-day training in this method.

You have a chance to be part of a once-off, intimate day of conversation, learning and practicing how to love yourself more and make more satisfying choices in your life.

At the end of this full-day training, you’ll have:

  • Gained clarity on what it actually means to love yourself. 
  • Understood your unique needs.
  • Learned how to tune into your own internal wisdom to make choices you feel good about.
  • Become clear about how to better manage the things that hinder you in your life.
  • Started some profound changes you’ve wanted to make in your life.
  • Learned skills to improve your relationships.
  • Practiced more positive and loving self-talk
  • Improved your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Met and journeyed with some wonderful people.

What are the benefits?

  • You’ll find out what it actually means to love yourself and how to start doing it now.
  • You’ll learn how to ask your own wise internal guidance-system for help in tough moments.
  • You’ll know how to take effective self-loving action in any situation.
  • You’ll practice turning towards your own unique Truth in different life areas so you can make your work, money, food, sex, parenting, body and health, relationships and boundaries more satisfying to you.
  • You will get crystal clear on what situations, behaviors and emotions trigger the behaviors you wish you could overcome in any area of your life.
  • You’ll discover what your real secret needs are that drive your choices.
  • We focus on enhancing your self-loving head-talk so that your relationship with yourself improves profoundly as a result.

It’s simpler than you think to make more choices that feel good to you.

In her best-selling book, courses and talks, Eilat teaches one simple, powerful question that flips those moments of pain and despair into peace and clarity. She calls it the Love Question.

She explains how to use the Love question to tune into your unique inner knowing, your own Truth, so that you have the wisest and most accurate guidance and support in the moments you need it most.

“In my workshops we talk honestly, we laugh, we play with some deep questions and you gain clarity on your unique Truth. You leave the day deeply connected to your own inner knowing and you have new tools to love yourself more and find clarity and peace in any moment.”

“Warm, joyful, funny and wise” are words often used to describe Eilat. She teaches and speaks in a practical, logical way yet this is not your usual logic-based coaching.

It’s a profound coming home to yourself that can change the course of your life. 

If you could learn this life-changing method in just one day, would you?

Life becomes easier and surprisingly satisfying when you follow your inner knowing.

Would you take one day out of your life to gain the skills you need to move forward in the way you most want?

This is a unique opportunity to spend some intimate time with a best-selling author and teacher.

Isn’t it time to start asking yourself this question and following your Truth?

What previous participants say:

“I’m pleased to report that as promised your course has yielded life changing results. I was able to leave a toxic work environment that I have been tied to for 10 years. The course gave me the courage not only to listen to my heart but also to take action. I have felt soothed and safe in all my daily decision making. The tool of constantly checking in with myself has been an incredibly grounding process. I have found that there has been less distress around managing relationships and life generally feels calmer and more abundant. The course has given me a braveness to tackle exciting new work projects as well as take leaps in my romantic life that I have hidden away from in the past. Eilat created an incredibly gentle and
safe space for sharing and exploring. She is a master at navigating group dynamics and has a brilliant way of gently taking people to shadowy places in a way that is both encouraging and bold. I genuinely felt it was the exact dose of everything I needed. Thank you for bringing me closer to my truth. I have you to thank for all the heart glowing feelings of things are right in the world.”

“There was a great level of sharing with the group and I felt safe and comfortable to share. It was an interesting bunch of people and I found them kind and supportive. Changes in my life since the course:
I feel calmer and happier with me. I’ve begun to accept what I cannot change in those around me as opposed to trying to drive change through. I got that wasting my energy was not doing me any favors. I have slowly been making more money. I also have been challenging myself work-wise. I feel like I am stepping into more leadership positions which is in line with me wanting to be a thought leader in my field.”

The workshop includes:

  • Group discussion, journalling, exercises and meditations in the main group as well-as in pairs and small groups. And a lot of laughter!
  • Some individual focus from Eilat on your personal challenges.
  • Help to realistically review your behavior and life in a kind, self-loving way.
  • Goal setting where appropriate.
  • Handouts and tasks for after the workshop.

What do you get?

  • An eight-hour workshop with Eilat and a small group of supportive people who want to learn to do this too. That’s 8 hours of caring space to practice your new skills.
  • Opportunities for individual focus from Eilat on your challenges.
  • Downloads, checklists and handouts.

What is the investment?

This workshop includes 8 hours of transformative experience with Eilat and a supportive group as well as handouts.

You’d think something like this would be very expensive but Eilat wants to make it available for anyone who feels they need to learn to love themselves and listen to their Truth in their life choices so she’s offering a special rate for this once-off full day workshop.

You get all this for only $297

Are you ready to follow your Truth to the life you long for?

I’m ready to learn to love myself.

Workshop logistics:

Date 02/22/2020 (22 February 2020)
Time 9am-5pm
Venue Los Angeles. (Near Inglewood. Specific intimate venue to be confirmed)

Two tea breaks with light refreshments.
To help keep the price of the workshop low, lunch is self-catering. Please bring your own lunch.

Contact if you have questions or sign up here

I want to join!

Private Sessions with Eilat

If you want to dig deeper and transform your own unique situation, Eilat has opened up a few spaces in her calendar for private in-person VIP sessions during her short visit to the US.

If you’re ready to change but don’t know how to, this is your moment to get the help and insights you need.

These private sessions usually book out very fast so if you want individual time with Eilat don’t wait to grab this amazing opportunity.

You won’t believe the transformation that can happen in a two-hour session with Eilat.

Don’t miss it.

Info and bookings

To book Eilat as a Speaker

Eilat’s Talks – Info and Bookings

Who is Eilat?

“I am a Follow-Your-Truth Catalyst.”

Eilat Aviram is an international sought-after clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, author, speaker and energy-healing teacher, who has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-three years.

During this time, she’s discovered something surprising:

Life actually DOES come with an instruction manual – it’s inside us!

Each of us has a unique, built-in guidance system that constantly offers directions to our most joyful and satisfying life.

Eilat is passionate about helping people learn a simple, powerful method to tune into this internal guidance system – which she calls ‘your Truth’ – and follow it to the life we secretly long for.

Many people feel trapped by behaviors, situations or choices they keep repeating that they feel bad or ashamed about – yet they aren’t managing to overcome them.

Eilat’s book and courses empower people with this method so they can finally make choices that feel good and satisfying to them.

“Warm, joyful, funny and wise” are words often used to describe Eilat. She teaches and speaks in a practical, logical way yet this is not your usual logic-based coaching.

It’s a profound coming home to yourself that can change the course of your life. 

She is in high demand and her speaking and teaching schedule is always packed but in her enthusiasm to share this life-changing teaching with as many people as possible during her short stay in Los Angeles and San Diego she has opened up a few new spaces for talks and private VIP sessions.

If you’d like Eilat to come and speak at your venue or to your group email 

More information on Eilat’s talks

You can contact Eilat or find her books and free resources on her  website