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You know that moment where you’re facing a decision and you feel frozen with doubt and fear?

“What if I make the wrong decision?

What if I regret this later and wish I’d done the other one?”

And you sort of know which thing you want to do – you can feel it, but you’re not sure if you can allow yourself to do that

“What will people say?”

And let’s say you DO allow yourself to choose the thing you sense you prefer, how can you be certain this inner knowing you sense is your intuition and not your old patterns of self-sabotage tricking you again?

And you wonder, “Maybe I’m just making things too complicated. Maybe I’m just too sensitive. Other people seem to be able to decide.”

And you WISH you had a way to just KNOW for sure which choice you won’t regret later.

So you don’t have to feel all this painful doubt. So you’ll feel proud of yourself and have the inner peace you long for.

After twenty-four years of helping people make better choices and decisions, I’ve learned that there actually is a reliable and simple way to know FOR SURE which choice is the right one for YOU.

You already learned the powerful five-step method of making decisions in my FREE TRAINING.

If you missed the training quickly watch it HERE – its available for only a short time for free.

Each time you make a choice it either leads you to what you want in your life or it leads you to what you don’t want as much.

Do you find that statement terrifying or empowering?

You can choose.

You have the option to:

  • No longer feel overwhelming doubt and fear about which thing to choose.

  • No longer beat yourself up for not knowing what to do.

  • Stop hating yourself for constantly choosing the things that leave you frustrated and ashamed.

  • Change the belief that you don’t have what it takes to do the thing you truly want to do.

During the free training I received a lot of requests to work with me directly and help them apply this method of decision-making into their lives.

So in response I am opening this opportunity for you to join a small group to go deeper into mastering decision-making and becoming the master of your destiny.

The registration for my four week intensive experience is open for just one week. Over the next month you will become someone who is much more comfortable and confident making decisions.

This course is a profound coming home to yourself.

You will learn exactly how to tune into your wise inner knowing at decision moments and how to hear what the best next step is for you.

You will learn how to know when it really is your inner wisdom and when it’s self-sabotage so that you can avoid those fear-based decisions that you later regret or feel ashamed of.

You will be able to more calmly face a refrigerator and make a self-loving choice, more confidently face a relationship and set healthier boundaries, more peacefully face your child and deal with his or her needs. You will feel safer when taking a big risk on a life-changing decision.

“I can feel this is a total game changer. I realise how much of my experience of life has been in my head. During this course I had the experience of simply feeling my heart. I completely got what you said about the sensation of relief. It was like I had finally held my own hand, and said, “Come, let’s go. Show me the way.”  

“Working with Eilat and using her Love Question has changed the way I am in the world. I am more in the present and making healthier choices. From big choices about how I spend my time to small choices like moving a dirty teacup to the kitchen! The power of this process is that it cuts through all the over-analysis and over-thinking that can happen in a therapeutic process and exposes the heart of my inner voice so that it can guide me through my day. In short I am so much happier, content and at ease with myself and the world. It came at just the right time in my life and felt like the cherry on the top of the cake that is the new, healthier, happier and more content me.”

2020 has been a massive time of upheaval and we have had to face all sorts of new choices we’ve never had to deal with before. Those who have done my course have told me they used the tools again and again during this year. Next year will also challenge us.

If you equip yourself now you can step confidently into 2021 and even feel excited for the challenges.

Even if you already make decisions well, this will add profound layers to your self-love and self-knowing.

Consider this a call from your inner Truth asking you on a date. Will you say yes?

As always, I want you to follow your heart in making the choice. Ask yourself the Love Question, “If I loved myself, what would I choose to do now?”

Sometimes I find it helpful to ask myself, “What if I DON’T do this? Will I feel ok about passing up this opportunity?”

You need to hurry to register because to fit this in before the end of the year I am opening registration for only five days and then closing it so that we can start our journey.

Click the button now to say yes to yourself.

Yes I’m ready!

Yes I’m ready! (South Africans)

What do you get?

  • 4 weekly, 90 minute training and group coaching lessons with Eilat on Zoom. You will be empowered with tools and information about how exactly to tune into your inner wisdom and get guidance for making good choices in the specific situations in your life. There will be time in these sessions to ask your personal questions and practice the tools.
  • Daily exercises to help you practice and apply what you are learning into your life so that by the end of the four weeks this is natural to you.

Usually this kind of personalised training and transformation opportunity with Eilat
would be priced at around $1,997.

But you ALSO get

  • A recording of an extra training by Eilat on how to tune into your Truth in moments of stress. This is a useful and practical training on using this method right in that moment when the kids are screaming, your deadlines are pressing, you haven’t had enough sleep and you don’t feel well…  WORTH $97
  • A Q&A session with Eilat where you get to ask about your personal challenges in your life or with using this method. WORTH $299
  • A Buddy System. This is a powerful and supportive way to help you integrate this new way into your daily life. You and your buddy will check in with each other during the week and take each other through a short exercise to help you get clear and motivated and courageous to take the next steps that day.  WORTH $199
  • Membership to a private Facebook group in which you can ask questions about the weekly topics. I pop into the group weekly and answer questions related to the topics and this remains even after you have finished the four weeks. WORTH $49 MONTHLY

So in total, this transformation journey and all the amazing bonuses are

worth $5,772


I really want you to have the transformation you seek and I’ve included theses bonuses to help you get there.

What is the investment for this transformation?

For all the training, coaching sessions, bonus recorded training on Using This Method in Moments of Stress, Q&A bonus, Buddy System bonus, Supportive Community Membership bonus you pay only $497.

Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose by signing up.

If you join and after our first group coaching session you realise this is not for you, let me know and I will just refund your money.

It is important to me that you feel you receive the support and tools you hoped to get in choosing this journey.

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What people have to say about this

“What I love about it is the simplicity and the clarity and it’s just absolutely spot on! I think we need that in our world. We need more simple messages that are easy to apply because everything’s become so complicated! I just wanted to let you know that it left me with such beautiful, positive feelings. It’s something that reminds us that we can’t sit back and do nothing about this – about our own lives and the joy that we should be experiencing. So thank you so much. Thank you SO much.”

“I can feel that the work has already started after day one. Two things came up for me on my drive home today. I used your question and the answers were unexpected and I made choices that have left me smiling (instead of doing what I would have thought was the right thing). So thank you for your amazing work.”

“I’m so, so grateful that I came because I had such an incredible experience. The little exercise of feeling the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ and the ‘maybe’ in the body was phenomenal and it’s really opened up a new insight. You know those diamond tipped arrows that break down walls? Well, feeling the ‘no’ in my body was definitely like that. There’s just been more and more openings. When I felt into it there was so much crying and so many ‘nos’. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was a seminal moment in my life. I can see that I can’t be the same, I’ll never be the same after that little experience. If I loved myself I would choose to have a YES body.”

“You and your work continue to give me so much love and courage and I am so very happy to be part of your tribe! Talking of which someone was telling me the other day about a teaching about entities that chose to come to earth at this time to help us ‘get over the ditch’ because coming into matter is hard and I was so moved when I looked at you and thought ‘thank you for what you are doing for us all and our beautiful earth’.”

“What the world truly needs is more LOVE and there is no doubt you are providing it, ensuring each person is at the epicentre of a LOVE Storm of their own making! How awesome is that Eilat Aviram!”

“How I’m choosing to love myself right now is to sit in the late afternoon sunshine with a delicious cup of coffee, 2 squares of Lindt raspberry dark chocolate and your book!”

“It felt a real honour to be part of your tribe, witnessing you in this space of love and healing, doing your “thang”. Wow ,What a contribution you have made to healing with your time, wisdom, humanity, humour and joy.”

Who is Eilat?

Eilat Aviram is an internationally sought-after clinical psychologist, best-selling author, speaker, and teacher who has been helping people awaken to possibilities for twenty-four years.

She works with groups, individuals and organisations around the world teaching a simple and powerful method for making good decisions that satisfy both the mind and heart and benefit the greater community.

Her book If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?’ is available on Amazon, Kindle, Loot and Exclusive Books Online.

You can contact Eilat at and find her books and free resources on her website

The investment for this incredible transformative experience, with all of the bonuses, which would be worth  $5,772 you only pay $497.

I look forward to working with you in this group and supporting your transformation.

Register quickly before the group closes because we have to get started.

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