Welcome dear therapist, doctor, coach, healer... 

Thank you for being someone who helps people. 

In this powerful transformational course you'll learn the secret of how to make self-loving decisions in your work and life. 
It's accredited by HPCSA for 35 CPD (incl 5 ethics) and by International Coaching Federation for 38CCE. 

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How to Love Yourself 
in Your Decisions

(Accredited for 35 CPD Points)
* Early Bird special ends 27th March

Accredited by HPCSA for 35 CPD (Incl. 5 Ethics)

Accredited by ICF for 38 CCE  (21 CC and 17 RD)

How To Love Yourself In Your Decisions:

Real tools for practitioners

If you help clients with their bad choices and quietly wish you could follow your own wonderful advice...

If you doubt yourself, or feel insecure about your worth sometimes...

If you know what you want to do but can’t quite get yourself to do it...

If you put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own...

This course is a transformational journey that will teach and support you (and your patients) to know how to make choices that leave you smiling in your food, your thinking, your money, your health, your work, your relationships....

When you, as a healthcare practitioner, look after yourself well...  you become healthier, you have more money, you are happier, your work-life balance improves - and everyone in your life benefits!

Early Bird special ends 27th March.

For questions and info, contact Eilat Aviram at info@ifilovedmyself.com

More about this work on www.ifilovedmyself.com

How to Make 
Self-Loving Decision

FREE introductory three-part training

~ How can I stop eating and drinking those things I regret?
~ How do I still have energy for my family at the end of the day?
~ What can I do about that difficult patient?
~ How can I stop rushing all the time and coming home so late from work?
~ How can I say no to that request?
~ Where do I find the time to exercise and meditate?
~ What can I do to feel better about myself?

This 1-hour of free training for psychologists, coaches, doctors, nurses, therapists and healers will teach you a powerful process to know how to make self-loving decisions, so you can start to enjoy your life, not just survive it.

This short training could change your life. 

Only available until 4th April. Don't miss it.