How to thrive this December.

The 'festive' season is a self-love minefield.

It can be fun, but it can also make you want to crawl into a small hole and only come out after it's all over.

All the socialising, year-end work and school functions, expectations of money-spending and gift-giving, lots of rich food, family triggers, possible loneliness, expectations, hopes, disappointments, new year resolutions all in a context of more painful world events...

It's SO easy to override your real needs and preferences just to keep the peace and be polite. But the cost is high. Gaining weight, feeling stressed about money, reeling from painful family dynamics, feeling overwhelmed, getting depressed, starting the new year exhausted...

This December why not do it differently?

Imagine being able to love yourself throughout December by choosing which social events to attend, how you respond to difficult topics, how much you eat, how much you spend, how you deal with your family or your lack of family, your overwhelm or loneliness...

Imagine you and your loved ones coming out of this holiday season strong, loved, healthy and ready for more...

This FREE Self-Love Bootcamp will support you daily during December. There's no catch. No course offered to buy at the end and you can unsubscribe at any time.

This is simply an act of loving support from me as a therapist to anyone who wants it. Because I know this time of year can be really hard and many of us therapists, doctors, coaches and healers (including myself) take time off. This is a way to virtually hold your hand through December so you come out stronger and happier.

This Self-Love Bootcamp will lovingly remind you daily that you are worth it, that you can do it and it will keep you focused on staying conscious and making your daily choices by asking yourself what YOU want and what YOU need. So that you emerge on the 1st of January feeling proud of yourself and ready for the new year ahead.

This can be a time of a powerful healing of your old dynamics - if you choose it to be.

Are you ready to let that old stuff go?

Sign up now.

I'm so glad that my friend put me onto this bootcamp of yours.

"It has been refreshingly helpful and validating!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us in such a lovely way!"


It helped me stay balanced and gentle with myself.

"I enjoyed something coming each day that supported me and held me. The support felt so good. I feel like I’m going into the new year in a calm, stable, balanced way. I plan to go forward at ease while checking in with myself, ‘if I loved myself, what would I do now’? 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your self with the world. You are a gift!"


The daily inspirations/ guidelines/ messages have been grounding, anchoring food for thought.

"The daily alarms have been especially significant, I am always caught unawares, so good to take the reminding moments to return to a more loving inner space.

So much gratitude for you, your offerings and your care."


Thank you so much for these daily reminders. They both challenged and inspired me this month.

"I appreciated the little daily doses of self love messages which somehow feels like it's preparing me gradually for a new year, new you 😊.

Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom. 

Have a blessed New Year."


This has been an incredible bootcamp, it really resonated. 

"I am so happy that you popped up and into my life at a time when I needed this and your incredible book. 

I have been through an awful year and this has helped me immensely 

So going in to the new year:

- with positivity and confidence

- and maintaining my dignity and sovereignty 

- with my beautiful family and caring and supportive friends

- with an open heart

- with a sense of exploration

- and to care for myself 

It is going to be a wonderful year"


I thoroughly enjoyed receiving your emails each day. 

"One exercise which I found really helpful suggested finding a note (money) and after saying hello to it, putting it in a pocket and keeping it safely throughout the day. This advice helped me keep festive shopping in perspective - it was reassuring to feel the note close at hand, to pat it, and offer it safety despite the Christmas frenzy! With a smile and imagined hug, I repeated the exercise often :)

My intentions for the year include better food choices, balance and a daily dance... not getting to the last one yet but substituting with something else which brings joy instead.

Thank you again for the daily wisdom - it was incredibly helpful."


Eilat Aviram is a Daring-Decisions Teacher. For the past twenty-seven years she has been passionately helping people DARE to choose the things they actually want.

A clinical psychologist, keynote speaker, best-selling author, hypnotherapist and energy-healing teacher, she teaches healthcare practitioners, organisations, groups and individuals around the world a simple and powerful method for making good, self-loving decisions that satisfy both the mind and heart and benefit the greater community.

Her best-selling books ‘If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?’ and 'You Have Permission to Exist' are available on Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Loot and most bookstores.

To contact Eilat about speaking at your events, or explore her books, CPD courses and free resources visit her website