Will you love or betray yourself this holiday season?

Do you want to end this year feeling proud of yourself and ready for the new year ahead?

Grab this amazing opportunity to get FREE daily support from Eilat for the whole month of December! Each day she will send you a brief self-love reminder, task or tool to use that day. 

  • Week 1: Setting intention and getting clear on what self-love will look like for you
  • Week 2: You and Self-Love and Money
  • Week 3: You and Self-Love and Family
  • Week 4: You and Self-Love and Food
  • Week 5: You and Self-Love and The Year Ahead

Are you ready to feel good about yourself and your choices?

The 'festive' season is a self-love minefield.

You get faced with lots of socialising (in person and online), plenty of rich food, expectations of money-spending and gift-giving, end-of-year work rounding-off, possible loneliness, family triggers, expectations, hopes, disappointments, new year resolutions...

It can be fun, but it can also make you want to crawl into a small hole and only come out after it's all over.

And it's SO easy to override your real needs and preferences just to keep the peace and be polite. But the cost is high, right? Gaining weight, feeling overwhelmed, getting depressed, feeling stressed about money, reeling from being triggered by painful family dynamics, starting the new year drained and exhausted...

My question to you is, are you willing to make this the year you actually listened to yourself?

Would you like to be able to love yourself in choosing what to attend, how much to eat, how much to spend, how you deal with your family or your lack of family, your overwhelm or loneliness so that you emerge on the 1st of January feeling proud of yourself and ready for the new year ahead?

I've created this FREE Self-Love Bootcamp to support you daily during December. No catch. Just sign up with your name and email. (I will protect it as though it's my own. No misuse of your email or spam I promise! You can unsubscribe at any time.)

This is an act of love from me to support you. Because I know this time can be really hard.

And I also know, it can be a time of powerful change of your old dynamics.

This Self-Love Bootcamp is going to lovingly remind you that you are worth it, that you can do it and it will keep you focused on making your daily choices by asking yourself what YOU want and what YOU need. So that you and your loved ones come out of this holiday season strong, loved, healthy and ready for more.

Sign up here and every day of December I will send you a VERY SHORT one or two-line email to help you to keep your focus on whatever is most important to you.

If you loved yourself, what would you choose to do now?