How To Love Yourself While Parenting

Do you feel you’re doing ok in your life – and then you have one of THOSE moments with your child and you wonder if maybe you aren’t so ok after all? How do you handle the times you feel bad about yourself and worried you’re messing up the kids?

If you find yourself sometimes (or often) making choices or having reactions to your child that leave you with shame, regret or frustration this might be the tool that helps you out of the confusion. I’ll help you learn how to love yourself WHILE parenting so that you can turn towards your Truth in those hectic moments and meet your real needs – because when your needs are met, your children are happier too.


How To Love Yourself While Parenting (PDF download)

You’ll learn how to:

Love yourself more

  • Make choices that work and feel good to you
  • Be more at peace with yourself
  • Improve your relationships with your children (and everyone else).

What is this?

A 3-hour workshop for parents who want to love themselves more while they parent their children as best they can. Facilitated by clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, energy-healing teacher and author

Eilat Aviram. We’ll learn and practice a powerful and simple method to make satisfying choices. We’ll talk, discuss, process, laugh – and maybe even cry a bit.

The investment in your sanity and family peace is R450 for the workshop.

To find out when the next workshop is happening or book your place contact:


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