FIND YOUR TRUTH 6-Week Online Course (SA)

FIND YOUR TRUTH is a powerful six-week experience which teaches you how to love yourself and listen to your own truth in every area of your life. It’s a game-changer.

Six live online meetings with me which include

  • practical skills training,
  • individual coaching,
  • guided meditations
  • and lots of insights from your own unique Truth.

Taking this journey with a small group of supportive people who also want to empower themselves, will get you where you want to be faster than you think.

You’ll come out of this course practiced at turning towards your own Truth in your decisions – and that leads to a satisfying life.

Only ZAR R4,500.00

Do you ever feel frustrated or despairing because
you really want to do something but
self-doubt or self-criticism stops you?

Do you wish you loved yourself enough to simply dismiss the beliefs and situations that currently crush your dreams or steal your confidence and joy?

Loving yourself and following your own Truth is simpler than you may realize.

You actually create confidence, joy and satisfaction by the small choices you make in every moment.

You might find what I say next surprising – and it is potentially life-changing…

There is a sacred moment in the center of every choice that you make.

In this moment one of two things happen:

You turn toward your own deep inner Truth and this brings you the life you most want.

– or –

You turn away from your inner Truth and guidance and this brings you frustration, pain and a sense of emptiness.

The way you usually turn in your daily choices decides if you create a life in which you feel:

 – loved and satisfied,


   – unimportant, anxious and unhappy.

It’s so simple it’s hard to believe.

What I’ve learned from 23 years of working with clients, is that the best and easiest way to overcome the dream crushers in your life, is to learn to love yourself and turn towards your Truth in your choices. When you start to do this, it’s astounding how quickly your life begins to transform. I’m talking minutes and days, not months and years.

If what I am sharing is a new concept for you, keep reading because I’ll explain more about what you can do to learn to love yourself and connect to your inner Truth.

If you’ve been studying personal development for a long time, then adding this method to your toolbox will greatly enhance your existing practices – because your choices will be even more deeply connected to, and guided by, your personal Truth.


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