FREE TRAINING for Healthcare Practitioners: How To Love Yourself in Your Decisions - 2023

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This training will be available here for free until 4th April 2023. 

It consists of three videos; 12 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. The total training is less than one hour. So the time investment is little - yet the impact on your life can be big.

You will receive an email with each video as it becomes available, starting from 16 March.  If you're signing up after 16 March, the trainings will become available here as they are released so you can catch up by logging in to the course here.

Once you register you should receive a welcome email in your inbox and if you don't see it, please check your spam folder.

If you have any questions, email me: I look forward to seeing you in the training.

FREE TRAINING for Healthcare Practitioners: How To Love Yourself in Your Decisions - 2023

Take a moment to set an intention for this training...

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Take a moment to set an intention for yourself for this training...

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All the details of the practitioner's journey to a self-loving life. Don't miss this.

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About the teacher

Eilat Aviram

Eilat is a Daring-Decisions Teacher.For the past 25 years, she has been catalyzing people to DARE TO LOVE THEMSELVES IN THEIR DECISIONS. She is a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, best-selling author, speaker and energy-healing teacher who facilitates workshops and speaks on stages around the world teaching a simple yet powerful method to listen to your inner Truth in your decisions.She is the founder of the online empowerment movement, ‘If I Loved Myself’.She cares deeply about her health-care colleagues not loving themselves enough and is very passionate about creating safe spaces for health-care professionals and leaders to learn how to better manage the massive responsibilities they hold as they care for everyone else.
With these trainings, she hopes to prevent unhappiness, burnout, depression and suicide in this precious group of humans and help them find the courage to live their Truth unapologetically.
“These are the people who preserve our collective well-being. If they’re happier, we will all benefit.  And if they receive more powerful tools to easily teach others self-love, our world will change.” - Eilat AviramEilat has worked in private and public psychiatric hospitals and clinics in both wealthy and socio-economically disadvantaged communities. She is currently in private practice.

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  1. says:

    I know that I've been harbouring something that makes me feel uncomfortable every time I have to make a conscious decision about it. The second 15 minutes video has given me an insight on how to make the decision by looking at the facts. the thing is the more I do not attend to it, it would mean I will not be financially liberated so the only thing that comes up is to start making payments using that money that just lays there that we call idle money and put it into good use. As they say "idle money is gone money". I have to just get it done with no more delays and coming up with excuses.

    so this was really an eye opener for me as a person.
    thank you so much.

    1. This is such a powerful example you are sharing. Thank you. Because so many of us put things off and they become more and more uncomfortable because we are not dealing with it in a way that will ease our heart. Part 3 is really going to help you know HOW to do this.

  2. says:

    Hi Eilat, I'm a Psychologist with a very busy practice, a mum of 3 and a wife. I've often been guilty of neglecting my own needs, especially when it comes to healthy eating. I've been trying to step back and make some positive changes in my life for several years now. But something was missing. I think the Love Question may be it!

    1. Hi busy lady! I'm so very glad you found this. Because it is SO difficult to look after our own needs when we have patients and children and partners…
      My book has a whole chapter on parenting. I call parenting self love under fire! Its the best boot camp for self care ever. The course also has an entire workshop on how to love yourself while parenting and another on how to love yourself with your food.
      Because so many people feel like you do. Yay that you are here.
      Keep watching. I think you'll get even more tools in the next parts of the training.

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