How To Look After Yourself In A Hectic World


Next course will open for registration in February 2023

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You missed out!

How long can this go on?

It’s the end of the day and again you didn’t exercise, your house is a mess, and your paperwork is still waiting for you even though you promised yourself you’d get it done today…

And it’s too late to start now, the day is finished and you stand in the room feeling lost, overwhelmed with frustration, ashamed, scared... 

You think about money, and how you need to sort out things about your work situation because you’re not happy there, but you can’t see a sustainable solution... 

Your lips lift in a smile as you imagine going somewhere far away and not having to worry about anyone or anything, but there are people who need you and you can’t just selfishly abandon your responsibilities. What would happen to them?

You walk to the fridge to try and eat your way out of this but you pause with your hand on the handle, knowing that eating right now will only make you feel worse. 

You try to smile and stand up straight and trust that tomorrow you’ll get it all done but you just don’t believe it anymore. Tomorrow will be just as hectic and you don't know how to make it different.

Tears well in your eyes as your shoulders slump down and you wish someone could just help you do this. 

That someone could just show you how to look after yourself properly so that you do the things you know you need to do to feel better about yourself and get your life together. 

That's what this guided experience is about. 

During our six life-changing weeks together, we will journey together to learn exactly how to look after yourself in any moment; when it all feels too much, when you’re tired and overwhelmed, worried about your child, angry with your partner, scared about your health, facing your admin, wanting to change jobs… 

Eilat and your small group will support, encourage and empower you so that, step-by-step, during these six weeks, you start to make choices that leave you with more peace in yourself and in your life. 

It’s a short amount of time, but some things you thought were stuck forever will begin to shift during this time. 

In this journey, together we will help you:

  •  Know what to do next in any moment.
  •  Make decisions you feel proud of.
  •  Love and trust yourself more.
  •  Have healthier relationships.
  •  Speak more kindly to yourself
  •  Say no and set good boundaries without guilt.

Click on each week to see what we'll be learning

Week 1 - Who Am I and What Do I Need?

If you don’t know what you need, you can’t look after yourself well. In this session you will understand more about who you are and what your unique needs are. Then you will learn some powerful methods for how to meet your needs in any moment so that you can feel better in your daily life. 

Week 2 - How to Always Know What To Do Next

There is a simple yet powerful process that helps you identify what choice will leave you smiling.

This week we will practice the ALLOW YOU method so that from this point on, you will feel more confident and empowered to make choices.

Week 3 - The Magical Powers in Your Feelings

In this session we will learn about the magical messages your feelings are bringing you - and how to use them as guides to your optimal next step.

Week 4 - You Have Permission to Exist

This week we will learn what it means to give yourself permission to exist and what might be stopping you from saying ‘no’ even though you want to say it, or setting a boundary, or following through on your exercise and diet plan.

Week 5 - Looking After Yourself in Your Relationships

It's one thing to listen to your needs and look after yourself when you're on your own, but how do you do it when others are around? What if they don't like it? Isn't it selfish? These are the big questions we will answer in this session - and learn ways to navigate our needs and theirs.

Week 6 - Looking After Yourself From Now On

In just six weeks, of a weekly live workshop and a daily short mediation and small task, you will have grown and learned so much. In this session we will integrate the learnings, and set intentions and self-care inoculations for the month ahead. 

During our journey, you'll also get...

A daily task 
A weekly meditation

The short recorded weekly meditation will help you set your intention for each day.

The simple daily task will transform looking after yourself from something overwhelming and out of reach, to something absolutely possible.

Your own little accountability group

It's so hard to make yourself try new behaviours, but when you're part of a supportive group cheering each other on and keeping each other accountable... suddenly you can!

Lots of support!

Having the support of a group of people who are also learning how to love themselves is priceless. You will have access to a private online group where you can ask questions and get and give support.

Notes to read again later

Having notes to refer back to later after you have already been practicing the tools, adds richness and security. The information is not lost once the course is over.

What previous participants are saying...

“I can feel this is a total game changer. I realise how much of my experience of life has been in my head. During this course I had the experience of simply feeling my heart. I completely got what you said about the sensation of relief. It was like I had finally held my own hand, and said, “Come, let’s go. Show me the way.”  

“For me the course was comforting and helped me to ground more into my feelings. I’m still working on being able to ask and hear the answers to the Love question but just by remembering more and more to connect to my heart and those parts of myself that I struggle to befriend, I’m finding it easier and easier to be loving towards myself. The biggest revelation for me was to realize how much I ignore and suppress my own needs and the list of needs that you gave us has been so helpful in helping me to realize when I’m ignoring a need and looking into what it is that I’m needing in that moment. I’m very grateful to have been able to participate in the course. I feel I’m embarking on what is going to be a lifelong practice of Self Love and I’m eager and excited to see what changes come from that.”

“I’m pleased to report that as promised your course has yielded life changing results. I was able to leave a toxic work environment that I have been tied to for 10 years. The course gave me the courage not only to listen to my heart but also to take action.  I have felt soothed and safe in all my daily decision making. The tool of constantly checking in with myself has been an incredibly grounding process. I have found that there has been less distress around managing relationships and life generally feels calmer and more abundant. The course has given me a braveness to tackle exciting new work projects as well as take leaps in my romantic life that I have hidden away from in the past. Eilat created an incredibly gentle and safe space for sharing and exploring. She is a master at navigating group dynamics and has a brilliant way of gently taking people to shadowy places in a way that is both encouraging and bold. I genuinely felt it was the exact dose of everything I needed. Thank you for bringing me closer to my truth. I have you to thank for all the heart glowing feelings of things are right in the world.” 

“There was a great level of sharing with the group and I felt safe and comfortable to share as the weeks went on. It was an interesting bunch of people and I found them kind and supportive. Changes in my life: I felt calmer and happier with me as the course progressed. I began to accept what I cannot change in those around me as opposed to trying to drive change through. I got that wasting my energy was not doing me any favours.  I have slowly been making more money. I also have been challenging myself work wise. I feel like I am stepping into more leadership positions which is in line with me wanting to be a thought leader in my field.”

“It’s felt empowering stepping more into me. I've had a very stressful and intense few days at work and I found the method incredibly helpful. I felt myself speaking more kindly to myself and being more assertive, when often I’d probably have kept my feistier feelings suppressed. I’m feeling so grateful for this course and for my finding it.”

Join this life-changing experience now.




  • Access to all six live Zoom workshops totalling 12 hours
    of self-development work and support with Eilat Aviram. 
  • A weekly meditation recorded by Eilat to use as part of your daily support.
  • A daily task that is short and simple yet powerfully helps you look after yourself.
  • Your own little Buddy-System weekly accountability and support process
  • Membership to a private online chat portal for your group to support each other.
  • Notes to keep and re-read after.



  • Access to all six live Zoom workshops totalling 12 hours
    of self-development work and support with Eilat Aviram. 
  • A weekly meditation recorded by Eilat to use as part of your daily support.
  • A daily task that is short and simple yet powerfully helps you look after yourself.
  • Your own little Buddy-System weekly accountability and support process
  • Membership to a private online chat portal for your group to support each other.
  • Notes to keep and re-read after.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What dates and times are the workshops?

Times are aimed at international convenience - morning in the US / Canada and afternoon / evening in Europe and Africa.

19:00-21:00 Africa / Europe
13:00-15:00 EST
10:00-12:00 PST

Dates and Times on Mondays:

17 October
24 October
31 October

Daylight Savings times and Dates:

19:00-21:00 Africa
18:00-20:00 Europe
12:00-14:00 EST
09:00-11:00 PST

7 November
14 November
21 November


How does this guided experience work?

Once a week we will meet on Zoom for a live, two-hour guided journey with Eilat and the group.
It is an interactive space with conversations, learning, breakout rooms, meditations and journalling.
During the week between meetings, you will receive a short recorded meditation to do daily, and a daily email with a short task helping you to look after yourself that day.
You will be assigned accountability buddies and given a weekly process to do together to cheer each other on and help each other have the courage and strength to look after yourself in  brave new ways.
You'll get a weekly worksheet to record your successes and challenges.
You'll have the notes from each workshop to review as you want.
There is a larger group to ask questions and get support.
There is so much support and nourishment during the six weeks, that there's no way this will not move you forward and strengthen you in some way.


What do I get when I sign up?

Six weekly online Zoom two-hour workshops with Eilat and a small supportive group.
Daily self-care task for the whole six weeks
Six self-care mediations given weekly
Six worksheets
Notes for each workshop
Accountably buddy group
Online support group


Who can join this?

Anyone who wants to know how to look after themselves better.


If you have any questions contact Eilat at

Who is Eilat Aviram?

Eilat is a Daring-Decisions Teacher.

For the past 26 years, she has been helping people DARE to choose the things they actually want.

She is a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, best-selling author, speaker and energy-healing teacher who facilitates workshops and speaks on stages around the world teaching her simple yet powerful method to listen to your inner Truth in your decisions.

More comments from participants...

“Working with Eilat and using her Love Question has changed the way I am in the world. I am more in the present and making healthier choices. From big choices about how I spend my time to small choices like moving a dirty teacup to the kitchen! The power of this process is that it cuts through all the over-analysis and over-thinking that can happen in a therapeutic process and exposes the heart of my inner voice so that it can guide me through my day. In short I am so much happier, content and at ease with myself and the world. It came at just the right time in my life and felt like the cherry on the top of the cake that is the new, healthier, happier and more content me.”

“What I love about it is the simplicity and the clarity and it’s just absolutely spot on! I think we need that in our world. We need more simple messages that are easy to apply because everything’s become so complicated! I just wanted to let you know that it left me with such beautiful, positive feelings. It’s something that reminds us that we can’t sit back and do nothing about this – about our own lives and the joy that we should be experiencing. So thank you so much. Thank you SO much.”

“I can feel that the work has already started after day one. Two things came up for me on my drive home today. I used your question and the answers were unexpected and I made choices that have left me smiling (instead of doing what I would have thought was the right thing). So thank you for your amazing work.”

“I’m so, so grateful that I came because I had such an incredible experience. The exercise of feeling the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ and the ‘maybe’ in the body was phenomenal and it’s really opened up a new insight. You know those diamond tipped arrows that break down walls? Well, feeling the ‘no’ in my body was definitely like that. There’s just been more and more openings. When I felt into it there was so much crying and so many ‘nos’. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was a seminal moment in my life. I can see that I can’t be the same, I’ll never be the same after that  experience. If I loved myself I would choose to have a YES body.”

“You and your work continue to give me so much love and courage and I am so very happy to be part of your tribe! Talking of which someone was telling me the other day about a teaching about entities that chose to come to earth at this time to help us ‘get over the ditch’ because coming into matter is hard and I was so moved when I looked at you and thought ‘thank you for what you are doing for us all and our beautiful earth’.”

“What the world truly needs is more LOVE and there is no doubt you are providing it, ensuring each person is at the epicentre of a LOVE Storm of their own making! How awesome is that Eilat Aviram!”

“How I’m choosing to love myself right now is to sit in the late afternoon sunshine with a delicious cup of coffee, 2 squares of Lindt raspberry dark chocolate and your book!”

“It felt a real honour to be part of your tribe, witnessing you in this space of love and healing, doing your “thang”. Wow ,What a contribution you have made to healing with your time, wisdom, humanity, humour and joy.”