If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?

Do you feel frustrated by some behavior you just can’t seem to overcome? 

Or do you feel unsatisfied, or have the feeling that there should be more to life?

That frustration or sense that something’s missing is your Truth trying to contact you. Take its call – because the life you long for is much closer than you realize.

With this book, you’ll discover how to use one simple, powerful question as a direct line to your own internal wisdom. Get step-by-step guidance from your Truth in the moments you need it most to:

  • Make different choices
  • Love yourself more
  • Feel more satisfied at work 
  • Understand your money patterns
  • Experience more peace in parenting
  • Have better health, sex and relationships 
  • Enjoy food more and find your ideal weight 

This book offers therapy stories and easy-to-read explanations of the neuroscience behind this method, while supporting you with video meditations, exercises and chapter summaries for download. It is one of two in the If You Loved Yourself series.

Eilat Aviram is a sought-after clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist and energy-healing teacher. She is passionate about helping people live as themselves in the way that is truly satisfying to them.

If you loved yourself, what would you do now?

If you’re tired of feeling angry, frustrated or scared because you’ve just done that thing again that you said you wouldn’t do anymore…

If you want to stop wondering, “Why did I just do that again?! What’s wrong with me?”… you’re in the right place.

I’m a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist and energy healing teacher with 22 years experience and I’m passionate about my work

3-Session Laser Process

In this process of just three focused conversations with me, you can get crystal clear about the behavior that frustrates you and make changes you didn’t realize were possible. 

What you get:

  • Three, one-hour, online in-person sessions with me.
  • I teach you a simple, powerful method to get a direct line to your inner wisdom. This gives you guidance and help in those dark, desperate moments where you face the choice that always trips you up, so you can make a different choice you feel better about.
  • A pre-session questionnaire and post-process summary for clarity you can literally hold onto.
  • A copy of my book so you can continue to apply the skills you’ve learned in our three sessions to the rest of your life and keep benefiting long after our work together is done.

Are you ready to make self-loving choices?

Email me at info@ifilovedmyself.com