After 23 years of working with people and running groups and workshops, I know that working with other people in small groups is an extremely powerful way to learn and to make changes you want to make.

My clients around the world have asked me to PLEASE offer my groups and workshops online so I’m finally doing so. This will be a magical space for a small group of people to move closer to their own hearts and their own Truth in their lives.

The transformations and insights gained during these six-weeks will take you forward in your life in powerful ways and help you know how to become your own biggest supporter and best friend. The results are very long-lasting. See what participants have to say below.

When you love yourself more and follow your own Truth it improves your life, but it also improves the lives of everyone around you.

This course is a powerful way to end your year and head into the holiday season, family time and New Year.

Spaces are limited as a smaller group offers a different kind of support and space for sharing.

Book quickly if you don’t want to miss this chance.

I hope you choose to join us and make this investment in yourself.

Please email me if you have any questions: .



What previous participants have to say about Find Your Truth:

“I’m pleased to report that as promised your course has yielded life changing results. I was able to leave a toxic work environment that I have been tied to for 10 years. The course gave me the courage not only to listen to my heart but also to take action. 

I have felt soothed and safe in all my daily decision making. The tool of constantly checking in with myself has been an incredibly grounding process. I have found that there has been less distress around managing relationships and life generally feels calmer and more abundant. The course has given me a braveness to tackle exciting new work projects as well as take leaps in my romantic life that I have hidden away from in the past.

Eilat created an incredibly gentle and safe space for sharing and exploring. She is a master at navigating group dynamics and has a brilliant way of gently taking people to shadowy places in a way that is both encouraging and bold.

I genuinely felt it was the exact dose of everything I needed. Thank you for bringing me closer to my truth. I have you to thank for all the heart glowing feelings of things are right in the world.” 


“There was a great level of sharing with the group and I felt safe and comfortable to share as the weeks went on. It was an interesting bunch of people and I found them kind and supportive.

Changes in my life:

I felt calmer and happier with me as the course progressed. I began to accept what I cannot change in those around me as opposed to trying to drive change through. I got that wasting my energy was not doing me any favours.

I have slowly been making more money. I also have been challenging myself work wise. I feel like I am stepping into more leadership positions which is in line with me wanting to be a thought leader in my field.”


“For me the course was comforting and helped me to ground more into my feelings. I’m still working on being able to ask and hear the answers to the Love question but just by remembering more and more to connect to my heart and those parts of myself that I struggle to befriend, I’m finding it easier and easier to be loving towards myself. The biggest revelation for me was to realize how much I ignore and suppress my own needs and the list of needs that you gave us has been so helpful in helping me to realize when I’m ignoring a need and looking into what it is that I’m needing in that moment.

I’m very grateful to have been able to participate in the course. I feel I’m embarking on what is going to be a lifelong practice of Self Love and I’m eager and excited to see what changes come from that.”