In just a few hours, you can start the process of healing your
mind, body, health, sex, money and food issues
 and improving your work and parenting.

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With this book, you’ll learn to:

  •   Make different choices
  •   Love yourself more
  •   Feel more satisfied at work
  •   Understand your money patterns
  •   Experience more peace in parenting
  •   Have better health, sex and relationships
  •   Enjoy food more and find your ideal weight

Reading it feels like a wise, loving friend is speaking directly to you. Packed with intimate stories from the author’s psychotherapy practice and life, it’s written in such a friendly, easy-to-read style that even the theory and neuroscience behind why this tool is so effective is easy to understand.

It is multi-media rich with video meditations, downloadable summaries and checklists that support your process.

It has guidelines to create a group to read the book together and for bringing this concept into your community.

And the option to work directly with Eilat in groups or privately.