Eilat Aviram teaches a powerful method to connect with your own inner knowing for guidance in your life choices.

Her method is so simple you don’t expect it to be that powerful.

But it is.

Do You Love Yourself in Your Choices?

A life-changing conversation
with international psychologist and author Eilat Aviram

You know that moment when you feel intense frustration or helplessness because things aren’t the way you want them to be?
And you’ve tried to change things so many times but nothing seems to stick and you wonder if anything ever will?

Then people tell you that you should love yourself and start making different choices but you don’t really know what that means
and you really don’t think a few bubble baths and some affirmations are going to help you make the depth of change you need to make.

There is hope – and the answer to your way out of your situation is simpler than you imagine.

If you could learn a simple method that will help you know exactly what to do in any situation and how to make satisfying choices that make you feel loved and safe, would you learn it?

Eilat teaches one simple, powerful question that almost magically flips those moments of pain and despair into peace and clarity. She calls it the Love Question.

Eilat’s Talks

In her talks, she speaks about how you can use the Love question to tune into your unique inner knowing, your own Truth, so that you have the wisest and most accurate guidance and support in the moments you need it most.

She explains why when you start to follow your inner knowing, your life instantly becomes easier and more satisfying and how anyone can do this.

“Warm, joyful, funny and wise” are words often used to describe Eilat.

She teaches and speaks in a practical, logical way yet this is not your usual logic-based coaching. This is a profound coming home to yourself that can change the course of your life. 

To Book a Talk

Despite her full speaking and teaching schedule, Eilat is so passionate about this work that she’s always open to hearing from people who want her to come and speak.

If you’d like her to speak at your venue or to your group, please email the details to


Are you ready to love yourself more
and start living life in alignment with your own Truth?

This is your opportunity to learn how.