This is why I failed.

I attended an amazing course a few years ago and learned a fantastic, life-altering method to bring my clients to peace and joy in a very short time. I was totally enthused about using it in my practice.

I went home after the course and enthusiastically tried to use it but I had questions and I wasn't confident trying this new thing and quite quickly I stopped.

To be honest with you, I don't even remember the method at all anymore. When I think of it I just have a vague sense of it's potential and my disappointment and failure.

It's one thing to 'fail' with a work technique, but it's completely another thing when it's your own life. You do a course on how to communicate effectively but then you go home and still accuse your partner instead of inviting conversation. Or you learn parenting skills and don't manage to use them or you SWEAR you're going to follow that eating plan but it's SO hard to keep it up all on your own... and your good intentions fall away leaving you with a sense of lost hope and disappointment in yourself.

It's a terrible feeling to betray yourself. To promise yourself something and then not follow through.

But the reality is, it's very difficult to practice new skills on your own in your daily life.

And that's a problem because, as any good teacher will tell you, learning comes from repetition. If you want REAL change for yourself, if you want to learn how to do something in a new way, you have to actually DO the thing you are learning and keep doing it.

The solution I've found, that works every time I want to make real change in my life, is to surround myself with a community of like-minded people who are learning alongside me and who cheer me on as I try the brave new choices.

That's why this course is structured to wrap you in a loving community who cares about you and will help you get through the tough choices so that you get braver and stronger and more able to ACTUALLY use the tools and get the benefits.

I really want you to succeed.

  • If you’re tired of not loving yourself...
  • If you want to make a brave move in your life but you need support to do it...
  • If you want to be a better helper of others...
  • If you want to write that book, open that practice, start a movement... 
  • If you need to improve your health, set better boundaries, get out of an unhappy relationship or bad working environment...
  • If you want to be an inspiration to those around you...

Click on the button below and join the wonderful supportive community that will help you get there.

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If you walk past this opportunity, will you do the things you want to do?

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  1. says:

    this training has really come at a time when I really needed confirmation that sometimes we have to be selfish just once and make ourselves happy. Just started practicing privately again after so many years fighting the fear of unknown. Now I believe that time is everything. this course just at the right time.

    thank you so much. now the learning begins for me and it does not mean there wont be speed humps, detours, potholes. stop signs etc but the knowing that I'm doing it for ME is comforting enough. when I'm happy then it creates more security even to my clientele knowing that 'they are in the hands of someone who is capable of taking care of themselves. the work starts with me.

    Eilat Aviram you are God sent! at a time where our society needs so much of this information because we all need to learn to give ourselves LOVE. Just Love.

    1. Your message makes me so happy. This is exactly why I chose to offer this training for free. Because I know that in my seven-month course we go a lot deeper and really strengthen the ability to choose your own Truth no matter what the situation. It’s amazing! But I wanted to share this introductory part with everyone who needed it. I’m so glad you participated.
      If you are a healthcare practitioner or healer of any kind, I hope you look at the course and consider joining us. Having the tools and the support of the group over seven months means you have strength and knowledge to make your life what you most want it to be.
      There are also bursaries available. Have a look at the FAQ section at the bottom of the course page.

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