The question everyone asks me

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on the free training videos!

As I read through them with a warm heart, there is one theme that stands out like a red dress in a nunnery.

It's very familiar to me.

It's the same theme that ALWAYS comes up at my talks and workshops.

It's the most challenging part of learning how to love yourself in your decisions.

What is it?

Other people.

Have look at some of the comments.

I've noticed that I become overwhelmed by having to make decisions - especially those that are about myself or those that require me to take priority. So I end up conflicted because I always think about others like my family. That has made me delay making decisions or put off things that are important. This is so sad when I reflect back thinking of how far I would be if I had just taken that one step forward.

I try to do and be everything to everyone and my truth is completely lost in the process. I look forward to learning how to turn towards my truth without guilt that I am somehow letting those around me down.

I definitely turn away from my true self- I feel huge guilt when I don’t put others (mainly my kids and husband) first.

Too often I put the needs of others above my own, to my own detriment.

im all about self care and have learnt the art of saying no but recently things have become so crazy especially with covid on the scene i unfortunately have been turning away, putting others first all the time, no self care, almost reached a burnout a few times and health has been impacted too

How do you make a choice knowing it's your truth but also knowing that this choice will make someone else (parents, husband, client) unhappy and in turn will make you unhappy as well?

Do you tell yourself something that won't let you feel bad. Or do you explain to them something that will make them understand?

This is why of the seven workshops in the course, one is a full day workshop just on how to love yourself in relationships and another is on how to love yourself while parenting.

It's not a small topic!

This was my reply to one comment.

"That is one of the most urgent questions most people have in any of my talks and workshops. 'But what about other people?'

What we often don’t realise, is that it's not 'dangerous' or 'selfish' to ask ourselves what we want and need. Our inner truth will usually include other people’s well-being. Because our heart is not interested in hurting others or disadvantaging them. That doesn't ever make us truly happy.

HOWEVER, what that care or consideration is, cannot be dictated by the other person. It has to come from within you.

When you listen to your truth step by step, as you’ll learn to do in this training, you can make your choices in a way that is deeply true for you AND most considerate of your loved ones. It’s a fine balance to hold, but possible. And it feels good.

Also, when you live your life by following your inner guidance, you give everyone around you permission to do the same, to live in accordance with their joy. Imagine if your loved ones also followed their true joy? We would have a happier world and happier families. Doing this serves everyone!"

I hope that helps you a bit? I know there's so much more to say about this and I can't possibly say it all here.

If you want to learn how to dare to love yourself in your choices in your family, relationships and work, join the course.

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