Do This Before You Start 2023

Before we dive into Part 1 of the training, your first assignment is to set an intention for this training. 

Bringing your deliberate intention to any choice you make, gives that choice more power. 

You have just chosen to learn a method to make more self-loving choices in your life so it makes sense that your first step is to pause and get clear on why you chose to do this and what you hope to get out of it. 

Here is the one-page Worksheet (which I've made very pretty) to download and print out and work on directly. Writing down your answers to the exercises is very useful. 

If you don't want to download it, the intention-setting questions are below.

How do you feel about decisions right now?

Think of a recent decision or choice you made that wasn’t self-loving. Maybe it was something you did, something you ate, the way you reacted to something... Remember how it feels after you make a choice that you know wasn’t self-loving.

Write three words to describe that feeling.


2 _________________________________________________________________

3 _________________________________________________________________

What is the kindest thing you could say to yourself about that now? Write it down.


Ok, now let’s set an intention to support your future choices so that you can feel at peace with yourself and proud of your life.

Exercise: How do you feel about choices or decisions

What is important to me when making my decisions?


How do I wish I could feel before, during and after making a choice?


My intention for myself during this training is __________________________



Setting Intention Worksheet

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  1. says:

    Great first video / lesson …
    Tool to use …
    Look forward to the next video

    1. Glad to hear it! Thanks for wanting to love yourself more 🙂

  2. says:

    I am looking forward for tomorrow to begin the training.

    thank you

    1. yay. So glad you joined. I look forward to hearing how you find it.

  3. says:

    when making decisions I have always prioritized my family and close friends because that is my support system. also I weigh the prons and cons and also how will it benefit us Not me alone. I'm realizing now that most things that I do are not for me necessarily
    but for the people I love me.
    there are those time where you would just feel like taking yourself out on date or spa but the very thing that will cross my mind is that I cannot! questions like what about the kids and my partner or why not do it when you have more money for everyone.

    I wish that I can feel good about it but most times even if I would force myself and have a bite but after I feel bad and guilty.
    I want to learn to treat myself better and give myself more attention. to love me more and give myself tim alone even if its a holiday

    1. I hope you have heard in this training that when you override what you need, you actually land up resenting your life and your loved ones. So you think you’re being kind but you’re not always. If you really listen to your inner guidance, it will show you a way to listen to your own needs and ALSO your loved ones needs.

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