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Well, what I can tell you is that you're very likely to have a profound transformation during the next seven months if you join.

See what people say about their experiences.

"Not just another tool"

Eilat’s “If You Loved Yourself” method is not just something you will leave after learning it. It is a tool that you will come to use and refer to over and over, as it takes you and the people you work with on a transformation towards all of your truth and authenticity.  Nas Sydow, Founder of Forever Playful

"Working with Eilat has changed my life"The skills I’ve learnt have greatly improved my well-being and the well-being of the patients under my care. I’ve learned to communicate better with colleagues and support staff. I’ve learned to listen better so that I may address the real need of the person sitting in front of me. It is my wish that every Healthcare Professional might benefit from Eilat's wisdom and guidance so that we may be better and stronger together.

Dr Lizanne Langenhoven, MD, Clinical and Radiation Oncologist

"Eilat's approach brings you back to the core of who you are." 

Her method is a powerful way to make respectful decisions from the inside. Both my personal experience of now consistently checking in again with my true Self, and my professional experience using it with clients, vouch for the real impact of  this disarmingly simple love question.Lorraine Berthoud, ICF PCC Co-active Coach, Emotional Logic Coach and Trainer

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"Eilat's work is freeing like I've never experienced before"

Because all the answers are within me - all I have to do is connect with it.Fazlin Davids, Gestalt Facilitator, TRE Facilitator, Quantum Energy Coach 

"It was a small group and felt very safe and beautifully held and contained by Eilat."

Eilat’s course on decision-making was very helpful. She used a creative and interactive approach over zoom to be able to self reflect and share my decision making patterns with the group.

Georgina Vintin, MSc, PG dip Systemic Psychotherapy

"I eagerly teach Eilat's decision-making method to my clients. It has made a tremendous difference in our lives."  

Being a highly sensitive empath and people pleaser, I have always struggled to make decisions. Since learning Eilat's method, it has been less distressing and anxiety provoking when I am faced with different options. Listening to my truth and trusting it, is such a powerful message.

Without question, this is money well spent and a great investment in yourself and your relationships, both personally and professionally. I was surprised by how quickly this method works and in awe of her technique.

Eilat has a fun sense of humour and a caring spirit. She provides a safe, attentive and compassionate environment to reflect, learn and grow.

These learnings have changed me in surprising and remarkable ways. I am kinder to myself, and I love myself for it. It was one of the best investments I have made for myself.

Tanya van Niekerk, MARP, MACP, RP, CCC. Psychotherapist

"Working with Eilat in everything she puts out there is absolutely and amazingly worth it! "  

With her attention to detail, gentleness and holding space for each person she encounters, I had the ability to focus inwards and really get uncomfortable with my vulnerabilities and people-pleasing.

Being a clinical social worker by profession, this course encouraged me to use the tools as I work, but also to pay it forward and share it with my clients. 

Ms. Marchané Janeke, B.Soc.Sc.Hons, Clinical Social Worker

"It enables me to carry the energy of confidence and self-love, which I trust radiates in my own Counselling practice."

The “love question” brings me fully into holding space for myself. It is the affirmation of the work I have done to create safety and compassion with myself. With Eilat’s assistance, the way I experience my anxiety around incidents and big decisions has shifted significantly.  Eilat has helped me remember who I am, and has cheered me on in living a present and joyful life. This body of work is a true reflection of what she so joyfully gives to others.

Shaamiela Safodien, Registered Psych Counsellor, Mindfulness teacher and Energy healing practitioner

"Eilat has reminded me how to listen to my heart"

"That has empowered me to create a life that I love."

Nicole Mansour, Integral+ Coach

Don't miss this gift to yourself and your life.

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