Part 1 of the FREE training
How To Love Yourself In Your Decisions

Today you start a journey to making more choices that leave you smiling and standing tall.

In this video you'll learn something surprising about moments that make you feel uncomfortable.


This training will be most effective of you watch all three videos, especially Part 3 all the way to the end because it brings all the pieces together.

*Please note: Details of cases mentioned during this training have been substantially changed to protect confidentiality.



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  1. says:

    hi Eilat. Great video thank you. Sadly I have been turning away and paying the price!

    1. Widaad that is such a gift that you see it now. Because knowledge is power. Now that you know it, you can make new choices. Before, when you didn’t see it, you didn’t have the option of making different choices. So congratulations on seeing it and acknowledging it. That discomfort is the first step to your next choice. Yessss!!

  2. says:

    Thank you for that insightful session.

    I think I walk the talk most of the time.
    How do you make a choice knowing it's your truth but also knowing that this choice will make someone else (parents, husband, client) unhappy and intern will make you unhappy aswell?

    Do you tell yourself something that won't let you feel bad. Or do you explain to them something that will make them understand?

    Just a thought
    Looking forward to your next session

    1. Shafiya that is one of the most urgent questions most people have in any of my talks and workshops. But what about other people?
      Firstly, I’m so glad you tun towards your truth most of the time. Hooray!
      Secondly, what we often don’t realise, is that our truth will usually include other people’s well-being. Because our heart is not interested in hurting others or disadvantaging them. BUT what that care or consideration is, cannot be dictated by the other person. When you listen to your truth step by step, as you’ll learn to do in this training, you can make your choices in a way that is deeply true for you AND most considerate of your loved ones. It’s a fine balance to hold, but possible. And it feels good.
      Also, when you live your life by following your inner guidance, you give everyone around you permission to do the same, to live in accordance with their joy. So this serves everyone!

  3. angelaewhite says:

    So clear and helpful. Great work!!

    1. Thank you Angela! So happy you are here on this journey.

  4. Thank you so much for bringing this to me at this time!
    As usual the universe knows when to deliver the perfect support ❤️
    Just in witnessing that you sent this out yesterday and it has taken me 24 hours to sit down and watch the first video from start to finish.
    Telling signs for my need to be here today and say yes to me 😃

    Thank you again and again 🙏🏾

    1. Oh yay oh yay oh yay!! I’m so grateful to us both for co-creating this.
      Enjoy it.
      And thank yourself for choosing to watch it.

  5. says:

    I loved this session, thank you! Its so awesome to play with this tool and truly get a sense of what "my reality" and what's true for me. In the beginning its quite hard to even know but the more you do it, the more I can catch myself when I am not choosing something that would expand my world!

    1. Tanya that’s so wonderful to hear. The more you do it, the more subtle it becomes too so that you have a sort of freedom and feeling of being cared for that is truly surprising and delicious.

  6. says:

    Excellent thank you….and difficult to confront myself with it

    1. I completely understand. But as I wrote below to Widaad, it’s a real gift to get to see what we are doing because only then do we have choice. Until we see it, we are powerless to change it. So congratulations on your courage to look.

  7. says:

    Some towards my truth and other people pleasing

  8. says:

    The choices I have been making lately leave me smiling and happy. The thought of doing my own work and following my passion and doing what I love makes me want to live life to the fullest. It brings me more joy that I'm turning towards what makes me want to be part of a journey that will help others enjoy life. that in turn makes me happy.

    1. That is SO wonderful to hear. And I hope people reading your comment see that it is totally possible to do. Thank you!

  9. says:

    This video was actually eye opening, for the longest time I have been feeling like Dr. Jay. I'm already thinking of new choices that I need to make towards myself.

    1. Oh you are SO not alone. I used her example because so many people feel like this. I am very glad you found this training and that you have some guidance about how to start making different choices. Keep watching. This will really help you.

  10. says:

    Honestly feel like I turned away from my truth. I just don't know how to move on. Haven't worked through my feelings.

    1. Keep watching!! That’s the point of this training. By the end of it you will have some more tools to know how to make choices that feel better. Let me know how it goes?

  11. DondreaBG says:

    Hello Eilat! I think I’m 50/50 in turning towards my truth vs away. I needed that reminder of listening to how I feel!!

    1. Oh I’m so glad. Let’s tip those scales!

  12. Zulfah Brown says:

    Thank you Eilat. I'm so grateful that I have been turning towards myself consistently. It has shown up in all aspects of my life and the quality of life is enriched all round. I do slip up and have a long way to go, but that's ok. Its part of the learning process and I am enjoying the exploration on this journey. Thank you for the reminders.

    1. Zulfah that’s so wonderful to hear and it will support anyone reading your comment to know this really is possible. Thank you.

  13. says:

    It was an eye-opening video.

    1. I’m so glad Yolande. I look forward to hearing how you find the next two.

  14. says:

    So clear and helpful thank you so much Dr.

  15. says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. It's refreshing to hear this and be reminded.. choices play a huge role in our lives and making the right choice even more.. im all about self care and have learnt the art of saying no but recently things have become so crazy especially with covid on the scene i unfortunately have been turning away, putting others first all the time, no self care, almost reached a burnout a few times and health has been impacted too.. refreshing to hear this in your video as im on my journey making decisions which include me and my wellbeing. Looking forward to the next video

    1. We all need reminding of this. It’s easy to forget in the crazy of daily life – especially as so many people in the world and in our lives are in crisis and fear. I’m very glad you found this reminder now. Part 3 will support you even more.

  16. says:

    Thanks Eilat. Great video! Too often I put the needs of others above my own, to my own detriment. I do realize that fear of not being enough and feeling like I have to be busy all the time to be successful drives a lot of my choices. This is a work in progress for me so thank you for the very practical ways you suggest to check in with myself.

    1. Oh wow. These are such familiar drivers for many of us! It’s amazing how little we allow ourselves to just BE. I’m so glad this gave you some practical tools to check in with the real expert in your life.

  17. says:

    Eilat… thank you deeply for sharing these core concepts so generously with us and a wider audience.
    your video sparked a renewed sense of Hope, and 'Yes' in me…

    a deep thank you!!

    1. I can ask for nothing more than that.
      Hope and yes in yourself.
      May you follow that and ALLOW ALLOW ALLOW YOU

  18. says:

    Thank you for your generosity, especially your time and wisdom in sharing with us.

    I loved the way you refer to this moment as "sacred" because so often we don't even acknowledge it,
    I am grateful that I have learnt to ride the wave of the uncomfortable feeling/s, but do admit it takes time to turn toward my true self to address what i truly need.

    Thinking of this as a 'sacred' moment will really facilitate making the correct turn in my choices/decision making going forward. I looking forward to what is coming next to stand taller.

    1. Sylvia, thank you for that comment. I love that you pointed that out. If you know the moment of choice is a sacred moment, it gives it a new level of importance and you can honour it differently.
      Do watch this all the way to the end of Part 3 because it will really clarify and add to your future standing taller 🙂

  19. Marisca Erasmus says:

    Hi Eilat

    This was great, thank you! I'm looking forward to the next two videos! I really appreciate your heart for wanting to give back to your fellow healers.

    1. Hello! I’m so happy you are watching this and I look forward to hearing what you think of the the next two videos.

  20. says:

    Good day, thanks for the great video.
    I definitely turn away from my true self- I feel huge guilt when I don’t put others (mainly my kids and husband) first.
    Excited to learn more…

  21. says:

    Gosh this has come at just the right time. The level of burnout I am feeling is off-the-charts as I try to do and be everything to everyone and my truth is completely lost in the process. I look forward to learning how to turn towards my truth without guilt that I am somehow letting those around me down.

    1. Oh I am SO glad you’ve found this. You are so not alone! That’s why I’m doing this. Please watch all the way through to the end of part 3 because there are important tools all the way through.

  22. Andria Kok says:

    I am happy to say I mostly turn towards myself, but I realise there are many ways in which I can more fully turn towards myself. It often has to do with turning towards myself in my thinking rather than with physical action during the course of a day. In this way I have become friends with my inner critic; more curious than resistant, which has brought useful awareness to my life.

    Thank you for your teachings, be blessed. ♡


    1. I’m so glad you are on this journey to more of you! And very happy this supported you to be more self-lovingly you in the world!

  23. warren.elliott84 says:

    Hello Eilat, thanks for the free training, very relatable and helpful.

    I find that I often turn towards my truth which is good I guess but it often takes a few very hard pushes to get me to go in the right direction, it feels against the grain, like I'm forcing it each time, is it supposed to be this hard?

    Thanks again

    1. If it’s hard, that’s not it. Not necessarily that the direction isn’t it, but sometimes its just the way we are thinking or approaching something that makes it hard – or it isn’t our truth. Keep watching.
      I look forward to hearing how you find the rest of this.

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