This made me cry

I just watched yet ANOTHER person come alive when she realised she can choose what SHE wants for her life. I love my job!!!

It's magic, this ALLOW YOU method of making choices.

Ayanda was feeling overwhelmed and defeated and angry with her husband for not supporting her dream to go back to study. She felt like her life was blocked and that she's trapped into having to look after everyone else's needs while she gives up on her own dreams.

But then she asked herself the Love Question, "If I loved myself, what would I choose to do now?" and her body relaxed as she suddenly smiled and her eyes lit up.

"Oh! If I loved myself I would apply for bursaries and raise the funds through my church outreach!" she exclaims. "I know he's just scared of the impact of me losing my income while I study. He's not trying to keep me trapped or hold me back. I can see that now. So if I loved myself, I would make a plan to ease his fear and stick to my dreams."

She's laughing excitedly and I know she's going to do it.

"Actually he's really helped me," she tells me, "If he hadn't blocked me, I wouldn't have realised how important this is to me. Now I know that, so I will hold onto my determination whenever things get tough. And I'll ask the Love Question of course!"

I love the magic of this method.

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