Introduction 2023

This short impactful training begins on 16th March 2023 and will be available for FREE only until 4th April 2023. 

If you want to help a friend sign up for it share this link with them

How this will work:

The journey consists of three short videos that total less than one hour. So the time investment is little - yet the effect on your life can be BIG. 

Watch the whole training - especially part 3 all the way to the end. There's an important piece of the puzzle at the end of part 3. 

You will receive an email with each video as it becomes available, starting from 16 March. They will also be posted here.

Each video will have a downloadable one-page worksheet below the video that you can use to help you action the learnings from the training that day. 

Here's our training schedule

Thurs 16 March - Video 1: The surprising power of uncomfortable moments. (12 minutes) 

Sat 18 March - Video 2: A step-by-step process to make self-loving decisions. (15 minutes) 

Mon 20 March - Video 3: How to follow through on your brave decisions. (30 minutes) 

Wed 22 March - How to continue making self-loving decisions in your life. (22 minutes)

Click on the Next Lesson button below or the menu on the left of this page to start viewing the course.

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