Do you give your clients great guidance while quietly knowing you don't follow your own advice?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to actually be able to do the things you know are good for you?

Accredited self-love training for therapists, coaches, doctors, nurses, social workers, counsellorsoccupational & speech therapists, natural & alternative medicine practitioners and healers.

More than a year’s CPD / CCE points
for learning to love yourself!

* Health Professions Council South Africa (HPCSA) 36 CPD points (including 6 ethics points)  

Previous participants have successfully motivated and received continuing education credits from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as from Australian and Canadian psychological associations for this course. Contact your professional body to see if you can claim your CE with this accredited training certificate.

You are welcome to join regardless of whether or not you want to claim the professional development credits

Registration closes February 24th, 2024


Scholarship application information is in the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Have you ever felt secretly jealous of your patient or client because they're now doing better than you are?

You helped your client fall back in love with their partner but your relationship is sort of on the rocks at home...

With your guidance your patient has lowered their blood pressure and improved their diabetes symptoms yet your chronic conditions remain out of control...

You helped your client build the confidence to negotiate a pay raise at work and yet, you as a practitioner aren't confident enough to raise your own rates...

Your client loses 50 pounds because you helped them heal something that was blocking them from losing the weight, but you’ve got an extra 20 or 30 hanging on and you still gobble a chocolate bar in between sessions...

You're good at helping people self-care and lower their stress levels and attain a healthier work-life balance...

But when it comes to making those choices for yourself, you can't quite get yourself to say no to that thing, or do the meditation, or be present with your kids after work... 

You find yourself saying yes to your colleague to keep the peace, having the glass of wine, watching that series, scrolling on your phone for too long and then you feel bad about it later. 

Does this sound familiar?

It's the end of the work day and you are TIRED!

You've been nice to people all day long, you helped them feel better, and you just need something nice for yourself.

But you feel bad because you've been short-tempered with your partner or irritated by your kids or you feel lost and empty coming home to a lonely apartment...

You worry that if people at work knew how you REALLY feel about yourself, or how you behave at home, they might lose respect for you. You'd lose clients, colleagues would stop referring to you or it would just be awkward because they'd know the truth about you.

And you ARE trying. You're trying SO hard to do everything right. And when you do manage to set that boundary, stand up for yourself, make the time to take that walk with a friend or eat well, it feels so good! But then life takes over and you forget to do the things that make you feel better and before you know it you're stressed again.

You keep feeling there MUST be another way. Surely life shouldn't be this hard?

And you hear that little voice inside urging you to listen to it, but it doesn't feel realistic to follow it's advice.

Because following your heart's truth is just an unrealistic dream your younger self had. You have to be a grown-up now, right?

You know what you really long to do but you can't imagine actually allowing yourself to do it. And when people tell you you should love yourself more and listen to yourself better it makes you uncomfortable and irritated. You say things like, "I know I need to look after myself better but..." 

And you keep saying yes to things you wish you could say no to. But you find it so hard to say no when your patient or colleague or friend needs something. It's your nature to help and ease discomfort... and your needs come last.  Especially during this time when so many people are in crisis...

But it has a cost, this caregiving, because you're not getting what you need, so you start to feel desperate for some time off. You eat too much, you binge watch series, you get lost in fantasies about going on holiday somewhere quiet, where no-one will bother you...

And as if things aren’t overwhelming enough, drama keeps happening in your life – the kids get sick, your machines break down, you have to pay more tax than you expected, someone dies, you have a fight with a colleague or family member...

And you feel you must be getting something wrong and that all this is telling you something important, but you don’t know what it is.

You KNOW you have to do something differently but WHAT and HOW?

There is a solution and it's a lot simpler, faster and more pleasant than you probably fear it will be.

Welcome to
How To Love Yourself In Your Decisions

This is NOT a pre-recorded online course.

It is a transformative, live journey with a small group of fellow healthcare practitioners in which you will learn how to love yourself more in your daily choices at work and at home so you improve your own life and the lives of your patients / clients.

Seven life-changing live, interactive online workshops
facilitated by clinical psychologist and best-selling author Eilat Aviram.

You'll learn and practice a simple, powerful method to dare to make
the self-loving decisions you want in every area of your life. 
And you'll be part of a small, supportive group cheering each other on

as you each make brave new choices.

Just one Saturday a month, for seven months, can change your life forever.

Will you do it?

Here's what previous participants have to say

"When I think back about only wanting to do the course for CPD points, I can’t help but laugh.
My guardian angel was definitely guiding my hand on the reply button.

I feel much happier with my work-personal life balance. I am more comfortable setting boundaries with my family and patients.
I definitely have a much higher level of satisfaction in my life now and am much more hopeful for the future."  - Dr K

"I’ve never had a more regulated nervous system. I’ve never felt a more pervasive sense of inner calm and peace.
My internal world is a lot quieter than it’s ever been. I feel like I can enjoy life more now and in far more ways"  - C, Psychologist

Think of your life seven months from now. 

Will it be very different to how it is now? Or will it be pretty much the same as it is now? How do you feel about that?

What if in seven months it was possible for you to no longer constantly doubt yourself - or stop yourself from saying what you want to say and doing what YOU actually want to do?

Imagine if you could just say, ‘No thanks. I don’t want to do that’ to colleagues, friends or family and not feel all tied up with guilt about it. 

Imagine if you didn't feel so responsible for everybody all the time.

Imagine if you could comfortably raise your rates and also end your sessions on time so you don’t feel like you’re always giving too much and earning too little. 

Imagine if you felt peaceful about your body and health and happy with how you eat. 

Imagine if you felt pleased about how you manage your money. 

Imagine if the way you spoke to yourself in your own head was kind and encouraging. 

Imagine if you could just live the way you secretly wish you could live, without losing your loved ones or abdicating your responsibilities. 

Imagine not feeling trapped and resentful about your obligations as a parent and instead feel like you are managing to look after your kids well AND still have time for you. 

Imagine if you could confidently speak well about yourself and market your skills without feeling awkward, exposed and uncomfortable. 

Imagine if you could just take time out and rest and let other people do stuff for a change and not feel bad about it. 

How would life be if you just had permission to be you without explanation or apology?

Would you be more at peace with yourself?

When you join this course, then in seven months time, some or all of this will be true for you.

And you will definitely have more peace with yourself.

You can feel like this about your choices


This transformational training is for you if:

  • you already often make self-loving decisions and want to get even better at it 
  •  you desperately want to know HOW to start making better choices in your life
  • you want to know how to help your clients make better choices

You can massively empower yourself AND your clients / patients this year. 

        Will you?

Special offer! Enroll by 14th February 2024 and get up to 25% OFF!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

One Saturday a month for seven months you'll receive a Zoom invitation link to join a small group for a live, intimate, paradigm-shifting online workshop with clinical psychologist and author Eilat Aviram. 

You will learn how to use and teach the ALLOW YOU method of decision-making.

The aim of these workshops is to:

  • Empower you with methods to make self-loving decisions in your life and work.
  • Show you how to teach these skills to your patients / clients.
  • Fulfil your yearly professional education requirements.
  • Hold a rare, confidential space for practitioners to talk honestly and openly.
  • Banish the quiet shame that can come from living with choices you don’t feel good about.
  • Give you a supportive group that empowers each other to make the brave self-loving decisions you each long to make.
By the end of this training journey, you will:
  • Have shifted some ‘stuckness’ in your own life
  • Be practiced at making deeply satisfying choices in the way you eat, work, look after your body, do relationships, deal with your money, parent your kids, set boundaries…
  • Love yourself more
  • Feel more confident and accepting of who you are as a practitioner and as a person
  • Feel part of this movement of teaching people to love themselves more
  • Feel more in charge of your life and work
  • Be an effortless inspiration for others 
Professional Development
  • Almost or all your CCE/CPD points for the year (including ethics)
  • Learn the ‘3-Session Laser Process’ to hone in on a specific difficult area of your client's life and transform it. 
  • Be able to teach the ALLOW YOU decision-making method to your patients / clients
  • Belong to a great referral network of like-minded practitioners 
  • Be part of a close, supportive group of colleagues who are on the same journey 
  • Be listed on the If I Loved Myself website for new clients to find you.

This is what past students have to say

“Have so loved this course. I can't thank you enough for the growth I am getting from it! I am so glad I jumped in and stretched myself to do this one. I used to avoid confrontation and I’d say yes to everything and then resent it. Now I’m just saying, “Sorry this doesn’t suit me” and I feel fine about it! My colleagues at the practice who have known me for more than a decade have commented on the positive changes in me. They’ve started asking about this course I’m doing.” Dr J, MD

Thank you for resuscitating me! This course has reunited me with the truest part of my being that I had lost, or merely forgotten, in the hustle of living. This work has left deep footprints in my heart and my being and the tools have allowed me to feel I have permission to exist. And for the first time, in many years, I am abundant in my existence and not merely surviving moments. There is something I've been putting off for years. Until now.  I now know the direction I want to go. I’ve had realizations and revelations within myself. The power of these realization are transformative and transcendent. I see now, I am enough. My efforts are enough. Thank you for the necessary work you are doing. Work that will transform generations to come. Work that ALLOWs, and brings with it permission to exist! J Kendall, Counselling Psychologist.

"You know I joined this course, if I'm honest, initially because I thought the CPD points looked amazing. And then it turned out to go from just a CPD function to something that I feel has turned my whole life around in these few months. I'm taking much better care of myself, I'm establishing better boundaries, with my spouse, with my patients...and it's just been so liberating. I've been eating better, taking better care of my health, and on the whole, I just feel like a whole new person but a person that I love. And a person that I'm a lot more proud of. A few dreams that I've wanted from childhood that I've actually made the time and effort for... a lot of self-love decisions. I feel like this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No course or anything that I have attended has changed me, and caused so much self-love, as this course. It's just been a wonderful, emotional, exhilarating ride." Dr M, Radiation Oncologist

"I Just have to say, this IILM is such a *huge gigantic gift* you’re giving us all !! This week I had 2 huge shifts when I had to choose and so I applied IILM which calmed my entire nervous system and made me so happy! I also learnt and FELT what you’ve been telling us - the wisdom is *within*, we just have to access it! And yesterday I was thinking of telling my buddy group this - (which I will) that ALL the resources are there within, completely FREE OF CHARGE… WAITING to be accessed. We don’t need to join a membership with passcodes, swipe a credit card and buy it, go somewhere to get it, IT IS ALL HERE within me all the time every day all day, at any time! My heart actually skipped a beat thinking of this wonderful “machine”/being that we are - wow wow wow!! I am so happy today I want to run up a mountain! And it’s something I might have known (remotely) for years but didn’t internalise or FEEL it like this ever before. And what a gift to give others in counselling them - they have all the answers already and we assist to access that source. You have no idea how grateful I am that you’ve designed this programme! You must have had divine angelic intervention!! It has already changed so much about me and how I approach difficult tasks and situations. I love myself first and go within to access my wisdom and live that sense of peace and absolute freedom to choose. Thank you so, so much Eilat!!!!!" E Besselar, Psychologist.

"Your loving, unjudging and kind support has given me the courage to lean into more of me. I am so grateful for that. My life is lighter, better. I am more able to live more authentically, safely, in love. Thank you.” N, Integral Coach

“Thank you Eilat, you really have changed my life. I can honestly say this is the most at peace I have ever been. I am dedicated to this path I am on, despite reservations, doubts and fear and I know I always have you and your work to keep me going in the right direction ;)” G, Coach

“Eilat’s course has been so valuable in my clinical work. I have found that integrating her framework with other models has allowed for quicker shifts and responses in clients. The ethical component has helped me to think about how often clients' self-care is not addressed in the room. It has also highlighted my own ethical responsibility to track my own self-care and this has been so helpful, given the drastic increase in the demand for therapy and need for professionals to take care of themselves. It has been an incredible journey and I am grateful to Eilat for offering this workshop to professionals.” - D, Counselling Psychologist

“I am incredibly grateful to have been introduced to you and your course …. And this incredible group.” M, Educational Psychologist

“My friendships have changed. They are deeper and more real in a most wonderful way. I’m really enjoying it. Even my relationship with my family has softened all because I’m learning to actually do what I want to do and I’m speaking out more. My friend said it’s like I suddenly have a quiet confidence about me.” J, Christian Counsellor 

“I’m being much kinder to myself in my mind now. I’ve never felt this kind of love for myself before. It’s really wonderful. I’m so grateful I chose to do this course.” J, Chirologist

“My relationship with myself and with others in my life feels safer and more satisfying. I feel like I’ve come home to myself and I can trust myself more. And the Buddy System has been SO supportive.” Clinical Social Worker

What Are These Life-Changing Workshops?


Workshop 1: How To Love Yourself

There is a good chance that you profoundly misunderstand what self-love is –and that this misunderstanding is tripping you up. This, along with ONE thing you do, is causing almost all the problems in your life. 

This workshop is a game-changer. 

You will learn and practice the paradigm-shifting ALLOW YOU decision-making method as the foundation of genuinely loving yourself and stopping to do that one thing. 

Transformative. Interactive. Engaging. You will meet and connect with wonderful new colleagues, the day will fly by and you will be changed.

Core intent: For you to leave the workshop clear about self-love and feeling confident and empowered to make more self-loving decisions that feel good and improve your life, and excited to be able to teach your patients this simple method to love themselves more too.

Assessment: Multiple choice questionnaire


Workshop 2: How To Love Yourself in Your Thoughts

The way you think and speak to yourself in your own mind affects every single thing you do in your life. If your inner critic is strong it's almost impossible to feel at peace with yourself and that makes life feel so HARD! There are some simple ways to swiftly shift that.

In this workshop you'll get a whole new perspective on what it means to love yourself in your thoughts and you'll become practiced in some easy-to-use powerful tools to do that.

Core intent: To learn to use the ALLOW YOU method of decision-making in your thoughts so that your thoughts more naturally flow towards kind, encouraging self-talk. Through this workshop and the whole seven months you'll be establishing new neural pathways that organically support healthier mental and emotional functioning and make self-love your default mental program. 


Workshop 3: How to love yourself in your body and health

There is a startling connection between your self-love and your health. In fact, your body and your mood are constantly trying to tell you something.

After this workshop you will know how to listen.

Core intent: To teach you the connection between self-love and health and how to use one to strengthen the other. How to ethically teach this to patients.


Workshop 4: How to love yourself in relationships

We are taught that love looks a certain way, but healthy love actually looks surprisingly different.

This workshop will answer the one question I am asked most often in my talks and workshops. 

We will also clarify:

How is self-love not selfish? 

Who is responsible for what in a relationship? 

What are boundaries actually?

How to self-care in any situation.

Core intent: For you to gain a new understanding of what it means to self-love within your relationships and to feel more confident to set healthy boundaries in your life and help patients do the same.

Assessment: Multiple choice questionnaire


Workshop 5: How to love yourself in your food and money

Food and money are powerful ways to deliberately love yourself – but are you using their power wisely?

This workshop will change the way you look at your relationship with food and money.

Core intent: To help you understand the power of food and money in your life and to use them as a form of deliberate self-love. To help you know how to support your clients to self-love more appropriately in their finances and food.


Workshop 6: How to love yourself in your parenting

Parenting offers one of life’s most powerful gifts for self-love and healing. Unfortunately, most of us misunderstand it and use it to disempower ourselves or love ourselves less. 

In this workshop we will focus on this core gift of parenting (your own or your clients’) and how to use it to benefit the parent hugely!

We will also explore how to self-care in the worst of parenting moments and answer that painful question, “Is it ever ok to put myself first as a parent or must I always put the children first?”

Core intent: For you to clearly understand the healing gift of self-love that the challenges of parenting offers so that you can practice it in your own parenting and empower your clients in theirs.


Workshop 7: Training in the ‘3-Session Laser Process’

This workshop will equip you with a powerful short-term intervention method to help a client listen to their inner guidance to transform a specific painful area of their life. 

You’ll also get to experience it during the day and will come out of the day with new insights and decisions.

Core intent: For you to leave the workshop a little more healed and feeling empowered with this new method of working with people.

Assessment: Case study of 3-Session Laser Process to be submitted for certificate of completion.


This is where the extra power comes in

The workshops on their own are enough to change your life BUT 

When you enroll you'll also get:

Bonus 1
Mid-Monthly Live Supervision With Eilat

These workshops are life-changing and the methods are simple to learn, but as with any new paradigm, questions and challenges can come up as we practice them. For this reason you will have access to a monthly live 60-minute supervision Q&A session with Eilat and the group.
These conversations and demonstrations will clear up your dilemmas and questions so you feel empowered to be brave enough to try more self-loving ways to resolve issues in your practice and personal life. The group is small so you WILL get to ask your question.

Bonus 2
Group Support and Supervision Between Workshops

There is great magic in knowing you are part of a supportive community and that you belong. 

And there is untold strength in knowing there is a group of colleagues who 'get it'. They understand what it's like to be learning how to make brave choices and they cheer you on as you try new ways, and you cheer them on too. 

In addition to the monthly supervision with Eilat, you will also have access to a members-only online forum where you can ask questions and give and receive support from your fellow practitioners.

Eilat will also drop in to answer questions and offer suggestions.

People in the past have said it was this group support that made ALL the difference in being able to implement the methods and make radical changes they had NEVER had the courage to make before.

This bonus, on its own, is priceless.

Bonus 3
A Supportive Buddy System

Sometimes its hard to keep yourself accountable - especially if what you are trying is new and brave. It really helps if there is someone who knows your intentions and cheers you on as you try brave new steps.

You will have support Buddies and a brief process to do with them once a week that will keep you all feeling connected and on-track.

Feedback on this Buddy System from previous groups is that it made people feel less alone and much stronger and braver in making self-loving decisions. And it brings the group closer to each other.

Between the monthly supervision with Eilat, the group support that's available 24/7 and the little group of supportive colleagues cheering you on, you will be held and encouraged for the whole seven-month journey (and beyond if they become lifelong friends - as many have done).

Bonus 4
A Powerful Referral Network

During this journey you will meet and make friends with like-minded colleagues from around the world.

It is much easier to refer to someone that you know will treat a client / patient in a similar way that you would.

This whole group will be learning how to teach their clients / patients to make self-loving decisions. And you will form some close connections. So when they need to refer to someone, they will think of you. Priceless!

Bonus 5

A Listing On The Website

On completion of the training your name and contact info will be added to a list of practitioners on the If I Loved Myself website so that people can find a practitioner who uses this approach.

Doing this training can get you positive professional exposure and new clients. Priceless.

Bonus 6

A Copy of 'If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?'

You will receive a digital copy of Eilat Aviram's best-selling book.

We will be referring to this book throughout the workshops as it offers the foundations of this method and you will have it to refer to long after the course is done.

This book includes chapters on how to love yourself in your work, money, body and health, food, sex and parenting.

Who is Eilat Aviram?

Eilat is a Daring-Decisions Teacher.

For the past 27 years, she has been catalyzing people to DARE TO LOVE THEMSELVES IN THEIR DECISIONS. 

She is a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, best-selling author, speaker and energy-healing teacher who facilitates workshops and speaks on stages around the world teaching her simple yet powerful method to listen to your inner Truth in your decisions.

She is the founder of the online empowerment movement, ‘If I Loved Myself’.

She cares deeply about her health-care colleagues not loving themselves enough and is very passionate about creating safe spaces for health-care professionals and leaders to learn how to better manage the massive responsibilities they hold as they care for everyone else.

With these trainings, she hopes to prevent unhappiness, burnout, depression and suicide in this precious group of humans and help them find the courage to live their Truth unapologetically.

“These are the people who preserve our collective well-being. If they’re happier, we will all benefit.  And if they receive more powerful tools to easily teach others self-love, our world will change.” - Eilat Aviram

Eilat has worked in public and private psychiatric hospitals and clinics in both wealthy and socio-economically disadvantaged communities. She is currently in private practice.

Here’s what people say about courses with Eilat

Dr Lizanne Langenhoven, MD
Clinical and Radiation Oncologist, 

"Working with Eilat has changed my life"

Eilat has helped me grow tremendously in both my personal and professional life!
The skills I’ve learnt have greatly improved my well-being and the well-being of the patients under my care.
I’ve learned to communicate better with colleagues and support staff. I’ve learned to listen better so that I may address the real need of the person sitting in front of me. It is my wish that every Healthcare Professional might benefit from Eilat's wisdom and guidance so that we may be better and stronger together.

Marchané Janeke

B.Soc.Sc.Hons, Clinical Social Worker,

"Working with Eilat in everything she puts out there is absolutely and amazingly worth it! "  

With her attention to detail, gentleness and holding space for each person she encounters, I had the ability to focus inwards and really get uncomfortable with my vulnerabilities and people-pleasing.

Being a clinical social worker by profession, this course encouraged me to use the tools as I work, but also to pay it forward and share it with my clients.
I mean, if you are in my life and I haven’t already got you to buy her book, are you really my friend!?

Nas Sydow
Founder of Forever Playful,

"Not just another tool"

Eilat’s “If You Loved Yourself” method is not just something you will leave after learning it. It is a tool that you will come to use and refer to over and over, as it takes you and the people you work with on a transformation towards all of your truth and authenticity.  

Fazlin Davids
Gestalt Facilitator, TRE facilitator, Quantum Energy Coach, 

"Eilat's work is freeing like I've never experienced before."

Because all the answers are within me - all I have to do is connect with it.

Lorraine Berthoud

ICF PCC Co-active Coach, Emotional Logic Coach and Trainer,

"Eilat's approach brings you back to the core of who you are." 

Her method is a powerful way to make respectful decisions from the inside. Both my personal experience of now consistently checking in again with my true Self, and my professional experience using it with clients, vouch for the real impact of  this disarmingly simple love question. Eilat has a beautiful, empathetic and caring  presence. Her simplicity and accessibility allow for trust to build rapidly, which then allows for efficient changes and strong/deep/real work. 

I've done the 21-Days Journey, and I really enjoyed the way Eilat came both prepared and open to what would come up. There was a lot of very valuable content in it.

The 3-Session Laser Process I did with her was live and a great opportunity to focus on and address a specific issue. It gave me the final "kick" I needed to make a tough decision. I've joined her practitioners course.

Tanya van Niekerk,

"I eagerly teach Eilat's decision-making method to my clients. It has made a tremendous difference in our lives."  

Being a highly sensitive empath and people pleaser, I have always struggled to make decisions. Since learning Eilat's method, it has been less distressing and anxiety provoking when I am faced with different options. Listening to my truth and trusting it, is such a powerful message. Without question, this is money well spent and a great investment in yourself and your relationships, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Eilat's courses to anyone who wants to be challenged in a kind, caring and compassionate manner.

Shaamiela Safodien

Registered Psych Counsellor, Mindfulness teacher and Energy healing practitioner,

"It enables me to carry the energy of confidence and self-love, which I trust radiates in my own Counselling practice."

In addition to the many gems of guidance I have received from Eilat for as long as she has been holding space for me; the “love question” brings me fully into holding space for myself. It is the affirmation of the work I have done to create safety and compassion with myself. Over time with Eilat’s assistance the way I experience my anxiety around incidents and big decisions has shifted significantly.  Eilat has always helped me remember who I am, and has cheered me on in living a present and joyful life; and this body of work is a true reflection of what she so joyfully gives to others.

Why Do This?

This course will actually teach you how to self-care properly. 

Not just for the week after each workshop but for the rest of your life.



As a result your private life and your work life as a carer will start to feel more congruent. So you don't overreact defensively when someone questions your choices. 

So that your adrenaline isn't always pumping from living in survival mode. 

So that you're not completely exhausted and depleted at the end of the day and feel trapped by your obligations.

So that you like who you are and enjoy your life.

Wouldn't it be nice to smile when you think of yourself and your life?

After you learn this method, your choices will become quieter and simpler and leave you smiling. You will probably feel more relaxed about yourself and hopeful about your life. You'll be a better healer. You'll probably have more patience with your family, children and partner. Your relationships can become more genuine and warmer. You'll be able to say 'no' when you need to at work and at home. Your finances may stabilize. Your eating habits will become healthier. Your health will likely improve…

Because you will be listening to yourself and loving yourself in your choices!

All this is priceless.

We pay huge amounts for specialists to help us figure out just one of those aspects. Here, you get to be in an intimate group of professionals with a specialist for 45 hours of self-development work, training and support! And that's not even counting the extra support from the group.

If you came to therapy for 45 hours it would cost you around R52, 659 or $12, 375 and you wouldn't have:

  • the encouragement of a wonderful community of colleagues, 
  • a buddy system that supports you and helps you be accountable to your dreams during the week,
  • training in professional tools,
  • earning your CEU credits,
  • gaining a referral network,
  • 24-hour support, 
  • regular supervision to help you shift your problem paradigms...

Those extra benefits are priceless. And the combination of this whole package means you get the skills and support to actually change your life in the ways you most long to.

And it won't cost as much.

South African Registration in ZAR:

One Payment





  • Access to All Seven Live Zoom Workshops totalling 34 hours
    of self-development work, training and support with Eilat Aviram. 
  • Ten hours of live Q&A supervision sessions with Eilat and the group.
  • Buddy-System weekly accountability and support process
  • Membership to Private Online Supervision Group
  • Listing on Practitioners List
  • Digital Copy of Book
  • Training in the 3-Session Laser Process
  • Certificate for 36CPD points including 6 Ethics points
6 payments




  • Access to All Seven Live Zoom Workshops totalling 34 hours
    of self-development work, training and support with Eilat Aviram.
  • Ten hours of live Q&A supervision sessions with Eilat and the group.
  • Membership to Private Online Supervision Group
  • Buddy-System weekly accountability and support process
  • Listing on Practitioners List
  • Digital Copy of Book
  • Training in the 3-Session Laser Process
  • Certificate for 36CPD points including 6 Ethics points
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call


International Registration in USD:





  • Access to All Seven Live Zoom Workshops totalling 34 hours
    of self-development work, training and support with Eilat Aviram.
  • Ten hours of live Q&A supervision sessions with Eilat and the group.
  • Membership to Private Online Supervision Group
  • Buddy-System weekly accountability and support process
  • Listing on Practitioners List
  • Digital Copy of Book
  • Training in the 3-Session Laser Process
  • CPD Certificate for 36CPD points including 6 Ethics points




  • Access to All Seven Live Zoom Workshops totalling 34 hours
    of self-development work, training and support with Eilat Aviram. 
  • Ten hours of live Q&A supervision sessions with Eilat and the group.
  • Membership to Private Online Supervision Group
  • Buddy-System weekly accountability and support process
  • Listing on Practitioners List
  • Digital Copy of Book
  • Training in the 3-Session Laser Process
  • CPD Certificate for 36CPD points including 6 Ethics points
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Course enrolment closes on 24th February 2024


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you sign up and you realise immediately after attending the first workshop that this just really isn't for you, simply write to me and let me know and I will refund you the full payment (after deduction for the first workshop, book and a small admin fee). 

It is very important to me that you KNOW this is valuable to you and that you feel loved by yourself for making this choice to join the journey.


If you realise it is not what you thought it would be, or for some reason it does not feel self-loving to continue, I will refund your money for the rest of the course. So there is no risk for you in making this investment. You can only gain.

As you weigh up your pros and cons, remember to also consider the cost of NOT doing this.

What if you DON’T learn to love yourself more in the next few months?

I find this a really useful aspect to think about when I make a decision. "What if I don't do this?"

Think of your life seven months from now. Can you say for sure that you will be feeling better, eating better, approaching your work in a more satisfying way, setting boundaries in a healthier way, working with your money in a new way, feeling more at peace with your parenting, feeling empowered with your clients...

In seven months time, if you continue as you are, will you make those changes on your own?

Because if you join this journey you will. In seven months time your life will look and feel substantially more satisfying to you. Because you will be practicing making choices that make you feel bouncy. Bouncy and excited about your life might become your new normal. Imagine that?

So think of the cost of walking away from this opportunity versus saying yes to your life and your dreams. 

Its a choice. If you’ve done the free training, use the method now.  ALLOW YOU 

If you loved yourself, what would you do now?

If your heart is saying 'YES, I want this', don’t wait!
Spaces are limited.

More comments from past students

Georgina Vintin

MSc, PG dip Systemic Psychotherapy, 

"It was a small group and felt very safe and beautifully held and contained by Eilat."

Eilat’s course on decision making was very helpful. She used a creative and interactive approach over zoom to be able to self reflect and share my decision making patterns with the group. It was a small group and felt very safe and beautifully held and contained by Eilat.

Nicole Mansour

Integral+ Coach

"Eilat has reminded me how to listen to my heart"

"Eilat has reminded me how to listen to my heart which has empowered me to create a life that I love"

Tanya Van Niekerk


It was one of the best investments I have made for myself.

These learnings have changed me in surprising and remarkable ways.  While I sometimes forget to ask myself the question: “If I am kind to myself, what would I do now?”, I am increasingly spontaneously reacting as if I consciously thought about it.

I am kinder to myself, and I love myself for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

One Saturday a month for seven months you will be part of a live, online intimate workshop with clinical psychologist and author Eilat Aviram. You will learn how to use and teach the ALLOW YOU method of decision-making. 

Three of these are full-day workshops and four are half-day workshops.

During the workshops there will be lots of time for group discussions of personal and professional challenges in the arena of self-loving decision-making. Enormous growth and insight comes from hearing other’s experiences and sharing our own in a safe space.

You will get to practice the method in pairs or small groups in breakout rooms so that you feel comfortable and confident to use these tools in your own life and teach them to your clients. 

Mid-month between each workshop, you will be invited to join an hour-long live Q&A supervision with Eilat. The group is small so you WILL get to ask your question and hear Eilat's input on it.

You will also be invited to join a private online group to ask questions and get input and support from colleagues during the month. It's the place to come to with any dilemmas you may face and get the group's input and encouragement.

You will also be assigned supportive Buddy Groups and given a check-in process to do weekly with each other as an extra support. They and the whole group will cheer you on as you make brave new choices in your life. And you'll get to support them as they do so too.

You'll have the digital version of the book 'If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?' to read in your own time and we will work with different chapters of it during each workshop.

At the end of this course, you will learn how to take a client or patient through a three session deep-dive into transforming one particular problem area with the 3- Session Laser Process.

What do I get when I sign up?

1)     Seven monthly, live, online workshops via Zoom with Eilat 

·       three full-day (6 hour) workshops

·       four shorter (4 hour) workshops. 

The total training time is 36 hours. 

2)  You will receive access to a 60-minute live group supervision with Eilat once a month for eight months.

3)     You will have a private online group to ask questions and offer and receive support from the group and Eilat between workshops as you all learn and practice making and teaching more self-loving decisions and choices. 

4)  You will be assigned a small Buddy Group and a weekly process to do with them weekly to support each other in your brave new choices.

5)     A new referral network of like-minded colleagues.

6)     You will be listed on the If I Loved Myself website as a practitioner for referrals.

7) You will be provided with a digital copy of the book ‘If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?’ as part of the training and we will refer to it during the course.

Is there support during the month?


Your understanding of self-love and decisions will shift to a new paradigm and it helps to be supported by others also learning it.

Monthly supervision groups with Eilat are the first layer of support.

Between workshops you will have a private members-only online group to chat, ask questions and offer and receive support from the group and Eilat so that you feel supported and supervised by a community that is like-minded and on the same path as you.

Once a week you will connect with your own little Buddy group to go through a short process to help each other feel strong and motivated.

Who can join?

The group discussions and professional methods taught are based on the understanding that you already have the necessary training for working with people in this intimate and powerful way. 

To join this group you need:

·       Qualification as a health professional or allied health professional through a recognised training institution 


·       Qualification as a Health or Life Coach through a recognised training institution.


·       Registration with your professional body 


·       Recognition of life experience and prior learning will be considered for appropriate applicants who do not have the abovementioned qualifications. 

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is strictly kept for both practitioners and their patients. The group and workshops are considered a professional space and therefore the right to confidentiality applies

Participants will sign a confidentiality agreement to not disclose personal information shared by fellow practitioners about themselves or their patients within the group. 

In addition no real names or details will be used in discussions of client / patient cases. An alias will need to be used by the presenting professional for any personal names and company names in the case.

What will be required for each workshop?

·       Attendance at the full workshop one Saturday a month. 

.   Attendance at the monthly Q&A supervision.

.   Weekly, short texting check-in with your small Buddy group.

·       There is no homework or extra study hours in this course. What is asked for is a willingness during the month to be aware of and practice the skills taught in the workshop.

·       A capacity and willingness for psychological self-reflection (previous or current psychotherapy is recommended but not a pre-requisite). 

·       A desire to love yourself more.

·       Curiosity to find the courage and the knowledge to be able to make wiser and more self-loving decisions in your life and practice.

·       TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS  include access to computer, internet access and email. 

·       You will need a private space to participate in the workshops. Headphones are best if anyone else is around. There will be a lot of sharing and discussions of clinical and personal experiences, so for the sake of confidentiality it is important that non-participants are not privy to the conversations.

·       A journal, water and food for yourself during the workshops.

Do I have to attend the workshops live?

The workshops are live and facilitated by Eilat Aviram via Zoom.

Audio recordings of the workshops will be available but live attendance is important for CPD / CCE points and training experience. Breakout rooms for example, cannot be recorded.
Special arrangements can be made if a workshop is unavoidably missed.

What dates are the workshops?

The dates of the Zoom workshops are: 

2 March 2024

6 April 2024

4 May 2024

1 June 2024

13 July 2024

17 August 2024

14 September 2024

Three of these (March, June and September) are 6-hour workshops and the other four are 4-hour workshops. 

The dates of the live Q&A / group supervision sessions with Eilat are:

14 March 2024

18 April 2024

16 May 2024

13 June 2024

25 July 2024

29 August 2024

10 October 2024 

7 November 2024 (BONUS SUPERVISION)

What times will the workshops take place?

Times are aimed at international convenience - morning in the US / Canada and afternoon / evening in Europe and Africa.

Workshops are one Saturday a month for seven months.

Three full-day Saturday workshops
15:00-21:00 Africa / Europe
09:00-15:00 EST
06:00-12:00 PST

Four half-day Saturday workshops
16:00-20:00 Africa / Europe
09:00-13:00 EST
07:00-11:00 PST

Supervision / Q&A are one Thursday a month at
20:00-21:00 Africa / Europe
14:00-15:00 EST
11:00-12:00 PST

Are there scholarships / Subsidised places?

If you work with socio-economically disadvantaged or marginalised communities and you cannot afford the full rate, please send an email  to see if you qualify for a reduced rate or scholarship.

Use the subject line 'SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION'

Please include:

  1. Your name
  2. Name of your organisation
  3. What work the organisation does in the community
  4. What work you personally do
  5. Why do you want to do this course?
  6. What is the amount you would realistically be able to afford to contribute for this course - either as a once-off payment or a monthly payment for six months.

    Send your email to:

This is my passion...

You are a precious healer in our world.

When anyone is ill or distressed in some way, you are the one they come to for help. And you help so generously.

If we support YOU, we support EVERYONE.

That's why I've created this safe space and a loving community for you to learn new tools to make choices that leave you feeling confident and good about your life. I hope you join.

I believe our world will benefit greatly when you are healthy and happy. That's my mission.

Love from Eilat