Book Club

A Transformational Journey Together Through The Book

Do you often start a book but don't finish it?

  • Do you buy exciting books only for them to sit in the unread pile on your bedside table or Kindle...
  • Do you love to work through a book and scribble notes to yourself in the margins...
  • Do you love self-help books and wish you could talk about what you're learning but none of your friends and family are into this stuff...
  • Do you wish you had help to go through the book because sometimes it stirs and triggers you in scary ways...

If you've answered yes to any of these, Book Club is for you!

When you join you'll get the opportunity to read the book WITH the author, psychologist Eilat Aviram, in a community of like-minded people who are all on the same journey.

You'll be able to ask Eilat your questions live, and hear and learn from others' struggles. It's like group therapy through a book. You'll have support and encouragement to keep going chapter by chapter, and this time you'll actually read the whole book... and get the transformation it promises.

It's an unmissable experience.

It's going to be amazing.

This journey through the book, wrapped by a loving, supportive community, will help you start to live the life YOU want. You'll see why it's important for you to do the things that excite you and make you happy and you'll learn how to make your brave new choices in a way that doesn't damage, but actually enhances, your current relationships and workspace.

As we work through the book, you'll gain the tools to love yourself in your relationships, to set healthier boundaries, to feel more comfortable and empowered to say no if you need to. 

We'll discuss how to love yourself in your own thoughts (and calm that inner critic), how to make more self-loving choices with your food, your money, your body and health, in sex and in essence, how to give yourself permission to exist. 

With the support of the book, Eilat and new friends in this community, you can literally change your life.

How Does Book Club Work?

When you join, you become part of a gently flowing river that will lovingly carry you through reading the book all the way to the end.

It doesn't matter where the group is in the book, you can slot in anytime and start from wherever we are.

Each month we will focus on three chapters. You read these in your own time and when we meet we discuss them. If for some reason you didn't manage to read the chapters, you won't be judged. You'll still receive all the heart and mind shifts from the transformational conversation. 

When we get together in our two-hour monthly group Zoom conversation, you can ask Eilat your questions, hear other's processes and thoughts about the three chapters and find courage and clarity for your own unique next steps in your life. There's nothing like community to help you feel safe and strong enough to take the brave steps you long to take. This will really boost you in your life.

But there is even more good stuff!

There are bonus tools and supports

Reading the chapters and discussing them with Eilat and the group will be powerful and profoundly transformative but when you join Book Club you'll also get


Worksheet for each chapter - Created by Eilat, these weekly worksheets help you process and go deeper in your own time and space so you find even more growth & healing from each chapter.  


Monthly Hot Seat - Each month one lucky community member will get to process live with Eilat in our online community space. Witnessing the ALLOW process in action often gives you the AHA moment!


Video from Eilat - Eilat has recorded some of her thoughts and tips about each chapter in little videos that are exclusively for members of Book Club


Buddy Groups - If you choose, you have the option of being connected with a small group to process together and support each other as you all grow and get braver.


Chapter Summaries - You'll be sent a chapter summary each week that you can download and stick up somewhere to help you remember the main points and work with the material more.

You get so much! This is transformative therapy, while belonging to a community and actually finishing a book for once.

What is the investment?

It's much less than going to therapy.

  • A Live 2-Hour Q&A Conversation on Zoom with Eilat Aviram each month focusing on the chapters of the month
  • Exclusive Worksheets sent weekly for each chapter to support your growth and processing of each chapter
  • Hot-Seat once a month for one member of the community to process live with Eilat and the group
  • 24/7 Group Support in the online community
  • Chapter Summaries sent each week that you can download and stick up to help you remember and work with the material more.
  • No contract. This is a monthly subscription but you are free to join or unsubscribe at any point

FEBRUARY ONLY - Discounted price to celebrate Launch Month (it will return to it's usual amount in March.)

$69 49/mo

You can unsubscribe at any time so there's really no risk to you.

You are free to join or leave at any time. 
I'm doing it this way because I want the people in the group to really want to be there. 
That way everyone who is in the group will be invested and gain more.

Perfect Plan for Large Teams

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  • Free Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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FAQ and Logistics

What Dates and Times Are The Zoom Meetings?

The first 2-hour live Zoom discussion session will take place on 21 February 2023.

After that they will happen on the last Tuesday of each month beginning on 28th March 2023 and onwards.

The meeting time is set for international convenience (these times will all shift after April due to daylight savings)

9-11am Pacific Time, 
6-8pm Europe, 
5-7pm UK, 
7-9pm Africa

How Does Monthly Payment Work?

When you click to pay, you will begin to be charged monthly on the date you paid. When your payment is successful you will receive a welcome email.

In February only the price is less because it includes the first Zoom meeting only without the worksheets and summaries. Those will start on 1st March 2023.

After that you'll receive the monthly email on the 1st of each month with all the information and Zoom links for the month as well as the weekly worksheets and chapter summary.


Who Can Join?

Anyone who wants to read either of Eilat's books within the support and richness of the If I Loved Myself community.

All you need is a copy of the book we are busy reading. We start in March with You Have Permission to Exist and that will take five months. After that we will start with If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?


How Does Hotseat Work?

During the month you'll get the opportunity to put your name forward to be picked for the monthly hot-seat. If you are chosen you'll have the chance for a half-hour individual session with Eilat live on the community platform to help you process something important to you using ALLOW.

This is magic for you, and helps everyone else to see ALLOW in action led by Eilat.


How Do I Unsubscribe If I Don't Want To Continue?

It's easy. You just go to your payment processor and cancel the subscription. If you need help, just contact me and I'll help you do it.


If you have any further questions just email Eilat at